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OA 42 Project in Anacortes

I had a look at this boat on the weekend and while it is not what I am looking for, I think it might be a decent semi-project boat for someone; provided it runs and you can get them motivated to deal.

It's interesting because it has been sitting, for sale, for around two years and is just slowly getting old and tired.

I didn't get a very clear picture of why someone would give up on such a great boat and just let it sit in a gravel lot.

It needs some serious cosmetic work and I have no iea what it is like mechanically.
1994 Ocean Alexander 423 Classico Power Boat For Sale -

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Well Hawgwash, those can be very nice boats. Why hasn't it sold, you are our eyes on the ground?

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Originally Posted by sunchaser View Post
Why hasn't it sold?
Can't answer that but I do have ideas. Marketing and lack of substantive answers being at the top of the list.

It was recently reduced from two and a quarter and IMO needs to drop another fifty or get a bunch of mascara and money thrown at it.

Name is Laissez Faire if anyone cares to look up a history.

It shows signs of neglect and some of abuse. It's on the hard and "needs new batteries" so we don't even know if she will start. I spent an hour on it and because there was 4-6 inches of water in the ER bilge, I couldn't get in there without a survival suit. That alone makes me ask, how long before that much standing water does damage?

I should have taken a bunch of pictures but lost interest when I climbed the stairs to the swim grid.

I would really like to compare it to this "sister" in Daytona; same NA 3208's, same price.
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