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Noise 4-53

I have 6-92 in the boat. I hear that the 4-53 are so loud how much loader than 6-92 could they be. I ask because I have been looking at trawlers some of them have 4-53 in them.

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They are about the same. They are loud. Its about the only thing I don't like. They are bullet proof.

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All diesels make noise , tho the newer multi firing direct injection models are better.

Perhaps really quiet,after a thunder storm.

Every engine room can be helped with a silencing upgrade.

The No Noise 2 inch 2lb per sq ft material does a great job.

Spray sound absorbing material works on surfaces that are hard to cover.

Floor sound damping sheeting above the ER , with a wool rug on top helps even more.

We update electric toys at vast expense , a quiet engine room will not be outdated the week after it is installed .
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We joke about the 53's being loud, and they are, but in a trawler app they will likely run at lower rpm and be ok. The 53 really screams due to it higher rated rpm, 2800 vs 2300 for the 92, but in a trawler you are probably going to run it around 1500, there it is not too bad.

Two main sources of noise on these, blower noise and exhaust noise. The blower noise can be minimized with an intake air silencer, the exhaust noise minimized with good mufflers. Things can be done, but depending on the boat it might not be easy.

Best thing to do is try the particular boat on a run. If installed well, the noise may already be handled.
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Noise 4-53

I have twin 453's in my older Grand Banks. The noise never bothers us when inside cabin. Could be good sound insulation but nothing seems unusual in that respect. We cruise at 7.5 to 8 mph at 1550 rpms. Had both rebuilt last year and all is well. From the fly bridge I like hearing the engines when running rather than strictly relying on gauges.
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Sky is correct, at lower rpm they are not much, if any, louder than most other diesel engines. And the 4-53 is much smoother running than say a 4BT cummins or 4-236 Perk. A lot of them were ridgedly mounted with little ill affects.

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