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New vs used steel trawler

New vs used?

We have been looking at a custom built steel trawler tug. *It is built to a high standard, but is intentionally minimally equipped. *It has no ac electrical and no genset. *The tug as well as the Coot have been designed by well known marine architects.

What it does have:
Excellent build
Full top of the line electronics
Lugger engine
Hydraulics to run windlass and bow thrusters. *
Fully equipped to leave the dock today.
10 years old/700 hours.*
Tender with outboard

We have also looked at the info about a Seahorse Coot. *Almost the same dimensions. *The Coot can be equipped with a Deere engine for a small increase in cost. *It comes standard with an Iveco. *It does have an inverter standard. *Generator, heat, air conditioning, etc are all available to equip the coot with more (I did not say better) than the used boat.

The Seahorse, even equipped is priced significantly lower than the used boat. *Even if we purchase it through Capital City Yachts and have them worry about VAT, commissioning and shipping it is priced $80,000 less.

Should a US build demand any premium? *Can a 10 year old boat be worth more than a similarly built and equipped Seahorse Coot.


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RE: New vs used steel trawler

A ten year old boat can be worth more than a newbuild if the older boat has features, construction, equipment, design, etc. that give it more value to the market. I don't know why US-build should automatically command any sort of premium except to people who are of the "only buy Made In USA products" philosophy. Most of the higher-end recreational boats these days are made in other countries, labor costs being a big factor in this.

If you have not realized this yet there is an active participant in this forum, Mark Pierce, who recently took delivery of new-build Seahorse Coot. He lives in the San Francisco Bay area. I'm sure he could provide you with as much detail about these boats and the ordering, manufacturing, and delivery processes as you could ever want.

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RE: New vs used steel trawler

I was hoping Mark would chime in.
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New vs used steel trawler

My Coot came with 24-volt (not hydraulic) windlass (standard) and bow thruster (extra-cost option).* Base price has risen 25% (now $250,000) since I purchased it.* The hulls are built in batches, and I've heard there is no current inventory.* Likely it would be*a year or two before additional Coots might be built.* CHECK with the builder.* My shipping cost to the West Coast was about $27,000 and import duties about $4000 to $5000, but I would still expect a new Coot*to cost significantly less than a comparable U.S.-built vessel.* And I doubt a domestic boat builder*could provide the quality of interior woodwork except for an astronomical sum.

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RE: New vs used steel trawler

"it is priced $80,000 less"

that is the Asking price , may be way above what it sells for.

One joy of steel is it is very easy to survey.

The build year may lower your resale price , down the road.

Getting a set of plans and paying a NA to review weather it really is strong enough to run offshore would be worth the price.

Empty would be a huge plus , to me. as outfitting would not require scrapping expensive toys you have no interest in.

A hydraulic setup is a large plus to lower maint and lots of versatility.

A cruising genset is easy and does not require specific engine RPM.
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