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I second the Uniflite , a genuine glass boat with none of the TT Chinese Composite horrors.

The usual gas engines are actually a big plus as under 200-300 hours a year they cost far less to maintain and repair. No problems at Trawler Crawler 6K either.1/4 the price of diesel to replace.

Go visit a bunch of boats to see what makes you most comfortable.

On most sail boats below is the living area , power its mostly living at deck level or above.
Even tho the inside view is better on the water do not omit or skimp a cockpit .
20 ft in the air in an oxygen tent is NOT the same as sitting at water level in a cockpit.

And remember KISS , if its not on board , it wont kill the batts , need repair , parts, replacement , or upgrading.

Or take up space.

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Buy the smallest one that will do what you want. Charter before you buy, either bareboat or captained. There are places in The San Juan Islands, Lake Huron, Florida and Chesapeake Bay. I own Trawler Time and teach folks how to buy and operate trawlers. I also believe, having owned one for nine years, that the smartest way to have one of these fine boats unless you're doing the Loop or want to live aboard, is to rent one.

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