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new to trawler

we are looking to buying a trawler and doing the icw...we are looking to get a 26-34. One for two people. How much will it cost a day. Or should I say is the gas gallon per mile... help.... where do I go to understand the cost of cruising in a trawler. thanks

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That's a tough question with all the variables out there.

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What you need to contemplate is the Round Trip , not the cost to run 1 mile.

The round trip is the cost of purchasing the boat , repairing it then installing required equippment , operating/maintaining expenses per hour , dockage expenses , and then what you can reclaim when you sell the boat.

Dockage can run $1.00 to $5.00 per night , so most budget cruisers anchor out a lot.Dockage or fuel can not be reclaimed

Anchoring out requires anchors (3 or 4) and perhaps a windlass to get the anchor back.

Refrigeration if desired is a huge expense , so a high quality ice chest ($300) is probably simplest.

For the lowest round trip probably an under 30Ft Bayliner type , single engine IO or conventional shaft would be easiest to maintain.These boats can be found for under $5000 requiring some owners love.

At trawler cruiser speeds 5-6K the gas engine will frequently be cheaper than a diesel, and if a part or repair is needed WAY WAY cheaper!

Trawler is more a lifestyle word than just particular style of deck house.

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Welcome Widgets, regardless of what you buy, where you go, have fun!!! Lots of good information on the forum, don't rush into anything, boats are easy to buy but not always so easy to sell if you don't get it right the first time.
Allan & Ann
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Here is a link to some information on cruising costs Cruising on a frugal budget there are more links once the site is opened if you "google" cruising costs small trawler there is lots more information. Sorry, I am guilty of not keeping good cost records so can't offer personal experience.
I do know going fast, staying in marinas and eating out a lot can make expenses much higher than going slow and anchoring out often. Due diligence when selecting the boat also.
best of luck
Steve W.
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The Cruising on a budget link is great. Super resource and a good look at what it takes to cruise.
Good luck on your search Widgets.
Keith Olive
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Recommend Fuel Efficient Trawler
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We cruise the PNW coast for 2-3 months every summer, the last several years primarily in Southeast Alaska. This summer we were on the water 75 days, traveled 2400 nautical miles, and while on the water spent a total of a little over $6,000, not counting food and liquor, which we would have spent anyway.

Our boat is a heavily-built 26-foot diesel powered cruiser, small enough to be barely trailerable, but big enough to sleep three adults. Well equipped for extended cruising (and fishing) on challenging waters and in sometimes difficult weather. We've had her 15 years now, and have 5,553 hours on the engine.

We generally travel at 6-6.5 knots, but can cruise at 18 when necesssary or desirable (far less than 10% of the time). We average about 4 nmpg. We don't spend a lot of money on marinas, anchoring 2/3 of the time or more. We don't spend a lot on restaurants, eating almost always on board. We don't spend a lot on boat maintenance, as I take good care of the boat and all its systems, and do almost all of the work myself.

Seems to me these are major factors in keeping ongoing costs reasonable.
Richard Cook
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A typical trip for us was 10months from Toronto - Bahamas and return. We spent between 13 and 18k per trip. One acquantance made the trip at the same time as us and spent 160k (not a misprint). I know others who have done it on 8k.

Way too many variables to give a definitive answer but here are two articles that may help on your quest for the right boat and some ideas about the trip.

Primer for First Timers on the ICW and Marine Survey 101

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