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Originally Posted by crashley View Post
I haven't heard of any propane explosions just a few caused by faulty petrol installations
The regs are pretty normal I think just have to work through them I have fitted the gas detector and run the wires for the cut off and mounted the sensors The enclosure for the bottles has been made, and the new stove is ready to be installed just have to work out what size invertor to connect the stove to for its electronic ignition and oven fan or wether to just use a match to light the stove.
Is it a marine stove? It shouldn't need and inverter to light the burners.

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I had the solenoid shut off switch and indicator light near the stove. I'll keep it farther from the burners this time. I like the idea of a timer! last time I didn't understand everything I was doing (still questionable) and everytime I used the HF radio the autopilot had a seizure and the stove shut off.

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Page 10

Seaworthy also has insurance statistics, but I'm walking in the woods and too lazy to locate.
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Timer....obvious but I never though of it. I think on my new to me boat it might bear examination. I have a Weber Q100 (weight 30lb) mounted on a 1/4" aluminum plate on a magma grill holder-stuck into a heavy rod holder, also on the stern a homemade 10" 22,000 BTU cooker set up for 16" WOC on top, different notched brackets for 11in fry pan, 8" stock pot. I used a 12 in diameter commercial very old aluminum stockpot (e-bay) cut down to build the cooker. Really thick aluminum. Now the gas feed has a temporary quick disconnect to feed either the grill or cooker, not both at once, again a rod holder.. The switch is in the galley, the solenoid at the tanks in the lockers on the 02 level below and at the back of the bridge. Have one gas line going to galley the other to the stern designed to pull out and plug in. Sniffer in bilge, alarm in galley. Had a sun-brella cover made for the cooker. A timer would be a worthy addition.

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