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Originally Posted by Peter B View Post
Marin, Marin, Marin…what are you saying. If you have so little faith in science and design, what are you doing trusting your very life (not keys), to those flying tubes of metal and carbon fibre you call Boeings..? Oh yee of little faith...
Well, partly because our planes cost many, many millions of dollars and are designed and built by people who know what they're doing and the planes have to meet a whole bunch of very rigid requirements, where the auto-inflate key floats are made by a guy in China in his living room.

And partly because a slip neighbor bought one not long ago, his keys fell in the water, and the auto-inflate float didn't do either one.

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I have two sets of key rings, partly because I have some many danged keys, but also to carry spare keys for the house, work and vehicles. This has saved my fanny a bunch of times just from locking one set of keys in the truck.

When we travel, we split up keys and money to make sure the loss of one minimizes a chance for a bigger problem.


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Am I the only one curious about the woman and why she made hast to get up the ramp?I guess I am a nosy sod.

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I have seen her since she lost her keys. We did try with a magnet and boat hook. 8 t0 10 feet of water and very soft mud. Found nothing but junk and we were at it for over two hours. Very smart interest lady who made a mistake. Her husband was just rude to her and never thanked any one on the dock who tried to help. Her hurry was explained by sale in Christianna Mall.

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