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Originally Posted by S41 View Post
We went through this process two years ago. Although we sold a smaller boat first, then used our selling broker (in Olympia) to be our buyers broker. He did a great job on both transactions. I am happy to share his name, John Bolender at Capital Yacht Sales in Olympia. (you can google the contact information if you would like)

A couple of things to point out. In the $100K price range and the size you are looking at. You will be buying a fixer upper in the PNW. If you go up to the $150K range, you will get a much less of a fixer upper. If you get a fixer upper, remember what you want to fix and have the skills to either learn how to fix or already know how to do so. Look for good engines, good fuel tanks, good running gear.

Living aboard in the PNW will take a 2 - 30 amp shore power cords to plug in to the dock (or a 50 amp service). Don't kid yourself that you can get through winter with only one 30 amp shore power cord. You will be burning it up. There is just too much demand for heat, cooking, water heating, battery charging to think you will be able to get through the winter with 30 amps of power. PUT it on your list of needs on the boat you intend to purchase. TRUST me on this one.

We bought the boat you are looking for. Although we did look a couple of La Belle's we chose a 41 ft Symbol Sundeck. It was in better shape and was almost 15" wider in the beam. Much roomier for living aboard in the winter months. It does everything you are wanting. Our ONLY complaint is getting on board from the dock and ALL the steps between levels on the boat. Honestly, this was my wife's preferred boat style. I would prefer a pilothouse style sedan. Easy to board from the dock, one level to 'live on', one level to run the boat from, and one level to sleep on. Not all the up and down between levels we have now. As we get older, we will switch to a different style boat. Even she is in agreement with this after living aboard for a year.

Good luck in your search! And remember that you will look at a lot of frogs before you find the boat that speaks to you.
A single 30 amp connection is completely doable for a liveaboard- I've done it. I took the time to shrink wrap the windows, and used the diesel heat on a regular basis.

On our current boat (twin 30 amp) we often have only 1 cord available when we cruise, and we don't suffer. It's just part of the lifestyle.

Peter- Marine Insurance Guru & tuna fishing addict!

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Ken Bowles, he was at Northwest Explorations. A real gentleman, sold me my first Grand Banks. If you find him, remind him that I bought JOMEKE from him. No regrets whatsoever.

Don't believe everything that you think.
What are we offended about today?
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Originally Posted by Xsbank View Post
Ken Bowles, he was at Northwest Explorations. A real gentleman, sold me my first Grand Banks. If you find him, remind him that I bought JOMEKE from him. No regrets whatsoever.
Thanks Xsbank!

I met one of the brokers from Northwest Explorations at TrawlerFest a month or so back. Of all the brokers I've met so far, I was most impressed with him. He answered all our questions and then some!

My only hesitation with Northwest Explorations is that we are in Seattle...but from what I'm learning, it sounds like it may not be 100% necessary to hire a broker who is RIGHT in your own backyard.

Does anyone have feedback when it comes to hiring a broker that is 75+ miles away from you? Any challenges or is it no biggie?

EDIT: I just saw that Ken is located in Seattle. Even better!
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Xs. You are the one who bought JoMeKe from Ken!? Great boat! Can we expect you at the Rendezvous next year?
What kind of boat is that?
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Jeff, I just sent you a PM about my CHB Ponderosa 42 Sundeck trawler I have for sale with transferrable live aboard slip in Ballard. The sundeck design as a live aboard is tough to beat.

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