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Need advice and guidance

I recently inherited a 36 Kha Shing trawler. While I'm a mechanic/custom car builder, I know enough about boats to get into trouble. The boat is an 85 and appears to be in decent shape. I need to pick some brains on the operation of some of the onboard systems such as hydraulic steering. I'll be going down to take some pictures this w/e and will post more. Thanks

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I am fairly new to the trawler world and have yet to purchase my first trawler, but I have owned many boats over many years. I just looked at a Kha Shing and my advice is this. Before you begin a series of investments on your new boat you should try to understand the foundation upon which you will be spending. By this I mean consider a survey or the assistance of a competent advisor. You will want to know if you have any serious moisture issues such as those created by wet decking. You will want to know if you have serious fuel tank corrosion such as that caused by wet decking. Finally, knowing if structure such as stringers are still good. The windows have undoubtedly leaked, and you will want to try to get any leaks stopped as quickly as possible. If the foundation is good, and you intend on keeping the boat, it would be hard to spend bad money. Not sure if you plan on keeping it, but this is my best advice. Know what you have before you spend. Good luck! Bill

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Most of these boats where build in quantities much more akin to custom cars than production cars. Some companies changed hands over the years, switched parts suppliers, offered multiple power options, sold some models in twin engine and single engine configuration, and systems are likely to have been modified or replaced by previous owners at this point. Take some pictures and write down as much information off of components you are trying to figure out and someone will be able to point you in the right direction.

Similar to custom car parts, there are a couple dominant manufacturers in each line of systems (ie steering, sanitation, wiring) so tracking down parts and know how is pretty straightforward.
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It is best to have the photos of the areas you have questions about. Unless you are able to identify the system by brand and or model it is hard to answer questions intelligently. So try to get the photos of the items and we will try to help you. What engines does it have?
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I seems to me that if you are a custom car builder you have the aptitude to work on boats and will do just fine.
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I agree with getting a surveyor or other expert (true expert, not self anointed) to go over the boat and while doing so also point everything out to you.
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Originally Posted by BandB View Post
I agree with getting a surveyor or other expert (true expert, not self anointed) to go over the boat and while doing so also point everything out to you.

This is the best advice you will get, particularly if you are new to boats.

But don't be scared about everything the surveyor says. Many boats of that age can be enjoyed without spending the money to solve all of its problems. And it will have problems.

You just need to budget enough money to fix the problems that are important to you and your insurance carrier.

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Here it is in a nutshell on the hydraulic steering. If it works on both stations leave it alone. If the upper station does not work (or both stations for that matter) look in the closet behind the lower steering station. You will easily find and aluminum canister with copper lines running in and out of it. It will probably have an air pressure gauge on top of it with an air fill valve similar to a car tire air stem. If one of the stations is not working check and add fluid as needed, add air pressure up to about 10 pounds, not certain of this but it is not a lot of pressure.

The steering will be your lowest maintenance item.


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