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Originally Posted by Capt.Bill11 View Post
I don't care what the books say, in the real world, real boat handlers use their rudders, single screw or twin, as needed to make the boat do what they want it to when they want it to.
Easily proved. Try rotating your twin engine boat with no rudder applied. Then try it with rudder applied to aid the turn. Faster and tighter.

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Originally Posted by psneeld View Post
All boats handle a bit different....those suggesting one size fits all need to rethink their posts.
Ok, so, over the course of this thread, walking, twisting, screws, wheels singles, twins, outdrives, dogs and bunched undies have been thrown into the mix, so why not motorcycles?

On a bike, in order to achieve slow speed forward motion, without stopping or putting a foot down, we use what's called a friction zone; a point within the range of the clutch where it is neither fully engaged nor disengaged. In a car it would be slipping and it would stink as it destroyed the clutch. Bike clutches are designed to slip.

So using and mastering a combination of friction zone, throttle and rear brake, an obstacle course or a U-turn within a parking space become everyday easy. While the principles remain, every bike is different, every rider is different and how each bike reacts to each rider is different.

Same with a boat; front back or sideways.
You have to learn your boat and how it responds to you.

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Originally Posted by Marin View Post
So it seems unlikely that he's been reading this thread.
You read him bedside threads, don't you?
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Originally Posted by Hawgwash View Post
You read him bedside threads, don't you?
I tried that but when I read him a few OTDE posts he told me to piss off and left the room. He is very cagey about discussing politics and social issues but I strongly suspect he is a Donald Trump fan. This is not surprising as they both have the same "f*ck you" attitude toward pretty much everything and everyone. I guess I'll find out when I fill out his ballot next year as he can't hold a pen.

You can see this attitude in the photo below. I took it while I was explaining the importance of his wearing his harness on the boat and in the dinghy, something he hates to do. When I was done he told me to go screw myself and turned his back and didn't talk to me the rest of the day.
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Originally Posted by dpvandy01 View Post
Are we talking about inboards or stern drives?? If you have stern drives you have directional thrust and maybe using the steering wheel might help but with inboards and advice to move the rudder is foolish and absolutely incorrect. Center your rudder on your approach to the dock and DO NOT TOUCH THE WHERL AGAIN. starboard froward and port in reverse will move the bow to port and the stern to starboard. Port forward and starboard in reverse will move the bow to starboard and the stern to port. Remember practice this away from the dock and find your pivot point. Learn how it moves with just the transmissions first before you add throttle. Also since the cup of the props are designed for forward propulsion using them in reverse will be less efficient and thus they will react slower so I usually engage the reverse engine first. Also keep in mind that the forward engine will also still move the boat forward a bit. Good luck and enjoy I love my twins. And remember DO NOT TOUCH THE WHEEL
Your are mixing up apples for oranges... read post 48 carefully.
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I will give it a try for sure. This is why I love this site and Club Sea Ray. Loads of good people and great information. Who knows,, I might even become a better captain. Sorry if I got snarky yesterday. I had a very very busy 24 hour shift at my fire house and admittedly I was grumpy (ask my wife). Thanks again if the info gents. Happy boating

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