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Originally Posted by petdoc4u View Post
DJ, can you describe or provide a foto please of your mooring bridle.
The mooring has a long 3/4" pennant with a braided eye. My bridle is 9/16" nylon and attaches with a loop hitch to the pennant and then has two 2 foot branches with loops that attach to cleats on either side of the bow. There are two canvas tubes that are attached near the hitch that protect the line from chafing at the anchor.


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As someone else mentioned, mooring balls with pennants are rare enough here in the PNW that I have never seen one.


SPOT page
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Originally Posted by FF View Post
In most cases the eye on the top of a mooring ball is not strong enough to pass the boat loading to the mooring chain.

Many moorings will have a heavy line with a light pick up line and buoy attached to the mooring chain..

This is great!

Those that do not will usually require a dink ride to pass a line to the top of the mooring chain..

The hassle is in the AM, another dink ride is required to let go.

In very calm water this is fine , otherwise a big PIA.
I would have thought the eye on top was attached to a rod that connected to another eye on the bottom that the chain connected to.
At least that's the way the one I bought for the house was made.
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Originally Posted by mbevins View Post
I would have thought the eye on top was attached to a rod that connected to another eye on the bottom that the chain connected to.
At least that's the way the one I bought for the house was made.
Moorings vary greatly in design and configuration; our having used many on both coasts, I can say FF's statements indicate his experience with moorings is extremely limited.

The ones I am most suspicious of are unknown moorings with an eyed rope pennant intended to be put right on the cleat. I gained this suspicion when such a pennant broke in my hand at Vero Beach; Charles Atlas I'm not. We ended up using our own lines. The harbormaster freaked a bit when I handed him the eye when we checked in.

It is an extremely good idea to consult with the owner/harbormaster of the planned for mooring in advance to understand exactly what you will be confronting.

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Originally Posted by tcpip95 View Post
May be a bit of a noob idea, but I purchased a roll of 1050 denier ballistic nylon fabric (the stuff they make luggage out of) and have wrapped all of my dock lines in it. I made simple sleeves on a sewing machine and pulled the line through it. The sleeves take all the wear, protecting the lines. Cost was less than $50 for the roll. Two yards did all 4 of my dock lines with a ton left over.

Couldn't you do the same thing for the mooring ball line(s)?
I like the way you think!!
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I have a friend that uses 2 of these:

Mooring hook 20 - Sailing accessories - KONG Italy

I have just acquired 2 of my own.

Dave & Suzie - Roughwater 35
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