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I'm hooked on Community coffee myself .I got it soo bad that I joined their coffe club . I get 10 lbs every six weeks . They ship it ups with no shipping charges and saves you 10 % . We still use a percolator. But it is electric

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From sailing days , where the Primus pressure kerosene at 10,000BTU was far to much heat for drip or perc , the use of a large sized SS expresso pot became the norm.

Fast!! Although it still does take time to boil the water , the best part is one can hop back in the sack, and hear the coffee when its done calling from the top of the pot.

Of course the hassle is finding a Large enough unit as they measure expresso in tiny mini cups , and most folks want a std USA sized cup of joe.

Washing with sea water has not been a problem ,

A grinder is required , or a store with a grinder , as with one quick pass the coffee must be very fine grind.

The cheapest inverter will operate a tiny grinder for the few seconds required .

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I'm a newbie & a wanna be. I've been staring at maps of the great loop for years, have loved the Albin 25 since the 70's. Would like to think I could someday mate the 2. Glad to see at least 1 Albin 25 in Illinois.
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When the AGLCA, or whatever the Great Loop club is, was having their annual convention here in NW Al, the smallest boat I saw was a 26 footer with a Canadian couple aboard. I don't remember the brand name of boat, but I do remember the roof was stacked with lots of stuff and they seemed quite comfortable. They were an athletic looking couple and were having the time of their life. The convention dominated most of their time and so we didn't get to know them well.
Anyway, their are many loopers that don't go to these conventions because of the cost - I believe it was somewhere around $375/person. Many of these people may be travelling on smaller or equivelant sized boats with limited budgets. These are the ones we don't know anything about at all. Point being, that it is very do-able on an Albin 25. Sometimes, I think for the loop, smaller may be better. Just requires more planning as far as fuel, food and water storage are concerned
Cruising the Eastern U.S. Inland Waterways and Gulf Coast. Presently on the ICW in Louisiana and heading Back to Texas.
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I've done minimalist live-aboard boating before on power boats from 23' to 37'... in two to three month time spans. Tain't rocket science to stay on the low-flow cash trajectory.

1. Anchor out 95% + of time.
2. Have good o/b dink to get to shore / marina... etc
3. Shop in grocery stores and stock plenty non refrigerated foods
4. Cruise boat at most economical speed
5. Pump out while getting fuel
6. Laundry in water you're anchored or marina washer/dryer via dink
7. Drink plenty good water - not expensive fo-fo stuff
8. Have a Blast!

As long as your boat is in good condition and no major breakdown happens... cruising can be accomplished on a low-flow cash trajectory.

Happy Economical-Cruise Daze! - Art
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Cruising at most economical speed is a concern for bigger boats. Albin and similar boats burn less than 1gph. An early Albin 25 burns 1/2 GPH at 6 knots. I burned a quart more than that at 7.35 knots w my A25. A high speed hard cruise of 6.4 knots is about it for my Willard. But hp per ton I'm way ahead of the Albin.


North Western Washington State USA
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