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A couple of observations:

Most countries of the world do not have the LIABILITY system that we have.
Here people depend on the government, all levels, to "protect" them from their own foibles. Not so elsewhere.

These mariners are trained to do their job and do it. Period. If members of this list should take their boats to the Med. they would learn this method of docking quickly!

Do note that the EYE of the docking lines are placed on the QUAY and not on the ship. The captain maintains COMPLETE CONTROL of the operation and is not dependent on some warm body on the quay.

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Originally Posted by Wxx3 View Post
I think it is about liability and I think this off is ego ate oohs enough to remember that the whole liability thing took off in the 80's. In the 50s we were still a country that got things done. Now, it's all cya.

We put fancy names on it, risk management, etc, but the reality is we don't train like we're going to fight anymore and yes, we have far less training accidents, but no one wants to admit that we also have far less capability.
Yes, there is an answer, now if you buy this billion dollar airplane, it can do so much more than the $20m plane.
The usaf took that pill over 20 years ago.

I'm sorry. I digress. It's been an interesting fat, but can't post it from my computer till the weekend.

Actually...Operational Risk Management, when it was first written back in the late 90's for DoD, the main thrust of it was to reverse the course of getting soft and stupid in the name of safety and to reverse the waste of bad commanders with overly large egos....

It was developed to use a more methodical approach to accomplishing the mission despite risks by minimizing them...not cancelling the mission because of risks or requiring safeguards when the go order was issued but the knucklehead in charge was using ego instead of brains to run things.

As to the rest of the rant...some yes and some no...that debate could definitely go on forever and whatever operational risk management evolved into I have no idea...but in it's purest was the best tool the USCG and probably the rest of the military ever had to go in the right direction.

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When I watched that video, there was a link to another one that was pretty cool. Cut a 616 ft cruise ship in half and weld in a 200 foot prefab section in the middle, and voila, an 800+ cruise ship!

gCaptain Maritime & Offshore News | Time Lapse Video: Cruise Ship Cut in Half, Stretched
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Originally Posted by charles View Post
A couple of observations:

Do note that the EYE of the docking lines are placed on the QUAY and not on the ship.
All ships do that, it is not peculiar to the operation on the video. The line is warped around a winch drum on the ship so the deck crew can control the length and tension. The lines are kept on the drum, even after finished with engines or all fast because they are commonly a constant-tension winch which automatically compensates for tide and loading.
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I know if I were one of the deckhands, I'd be wearing a PFD with those kinds of seas. Standing near the edge when one of those waves hits and you could be lost in the darkness.

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