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I'm in GFC's camp. Unless you know me well or see the base tag in my windshield, I'm pretty well camoflaged for the civilian world - with one notable exception: I do roll out the grey ID card at Lowes and Home Depot. As to the occasional "Thank you for your service" - I politely respond, while thinking "Hell, I'd ship over tomorrow if they'd take me." Some folks regard the "Thanks ..." phrase as trite - you should have seen how that went during Viet Nam.

I guess 26 years was my allotted time. One of about 5,000 drafted into the USN in 1965 about 90 days after I dropped out of high school. Best thing that ever happened to this farm boy. But - I wasn't a grunt, only got shot at or rocketed a little bit for a little while on a few occassions, and saw the world.

The grunts have my everlasting respect and admiration. I don't know that I would have had what it takes. My hat's off (belatedly) to all the guys who did the heavy lifting.

Former ETCS(SS)

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Dwhatty USS Liberty?

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I'm sitting here at my comfortable and secure bedroom desk with my laptop on and watching the developments in Paris. Being relatively secure (surely compared to the rest of the world) in the past and present, I find myself more thankful to our vets than ever. Who knows about the future, but I sure am thankful for the now that so many vets have provided. For what they have faced, are facing now, thanks. For the future, ...thanks in advance.

"I'd rather be happy than dignified".
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Thanks to all. combat, peacetime, peacekeepers,all of you. If you were issued a uniform, you served to make sure everybody had a shot at the American dream.
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Originally Posted by GFC View Post
I'm not one who wears any kind of garb that shows I served my time, nor do I talk much about my time in the service. I also am not one who runs around on Veteran's Day scooping up freebies that companies offer as a "thanks" to vets...

Hey, I've got a couple of USCG T's that I bought some years ago.
They make great workout gear

No freebies for this guy either. Well ok, I did take the discount on the supplements, but I was going to buy them anyway regardless.

The owner's father is former military and the shop supports both law enforcement and the military daily, not just on Veterans day or some LE appreciation day!

When we got there we realized they were having some free entree's for Vets so I opted for the fish & chips. The waitress, a cute little lady in her 20's asked me if I had a military ID card. I said no, those were only issued to people who retired from the service and said I had left the USAF after my second enlistment was up. She said that was fine and placed our order.
That was nice of them, and brings up an interesting point.
I know I'm not the only one out there that doesn't have an ID, and hasn't bothered to register with the VA. While I do have a service related injury, I never felt it serious enough to warrant that. Without that, you have no way (without carrying around pay slips, orders, or a DD214), to prove your service. It was cool of them to honor your service
"I'm the only one who has removed half a brain, but if you went to Washington, you'd think someone beat me to it"...Dr. Ben Carson 08-06-2015
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My Navy son participated in the typhoon relief operations in the Phillipines a coupe years ago.

He was awarded a medal for his individual participattion and was confused about how and why medals are often awarded. He knew my background which included sitting on awards boards for years.

Bottom line I told him....take the award and smile.. I learned the process well enough to know...take them when you get them as you probably won't get one when you really deserve one.

Same with the veterans day thanks. Take it with a smile and if a freebie comes along, take it with pride and appreciation. People's feelings are hurt if they feel you are indifferent and they are serious. There was probably no one around thanking you when you most deserved it.

It was totally foreign to me to accept tips for towing people when I first got into assistance towing. At first I turned them down almost all the time till I realized that for many, I was insulting their appreciation. So now I just insist if I can tell I am probably better off in life than they are or if discussion reveals they too wore some kind of public service type uniform.

Heck, it's pretty wierd accepting praise and tips for a job done easily, on a sunny summer day on the water, doing something I love doing compared to my last career.....but I just take it and smile back with an equally or even more so "thank you"...
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Originally Posted by boatdriver47 View Post
Dwhatty USS Liberty?

David Hawkins
Deer Isle, Maine
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