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Mainship 390 Trawler

I am interested in buying a Mainship 390 trawler 2003 500 hrs. Are there any items i should be paying attention to. It has a single Yanmar diesel. Thanks for any future help. Steve

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Originally Posted by sjhoman View Post
I am interested in buying a Mainship 390 trawler 2003 500 hrs. Are there any items i should be paying attention to. It has a single Yanmar diesel. Thanks for any future help. Steve
The price.

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Welcome aboard!
I'd like to live like a poor man....only with lots of money
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A friend of mine was looking at them a couple of years ago. I remember him being concerned about water intrusion in the swim platform.
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There are plenty of them on the market. That means (to me) that they are very popular boats. As long as your not crossing oceans, and how many actually do, it's a fine vessel. I was looking, but the 14'6" beam made me cross that off. I am limited because of my slip. I need to be under 14'. They are very nice inside. I prefer the single engine with the bow thruster. Good luck. It's a lot of boat for the money, IMO.
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Thumbs up Happy with mine!

Mine has twin Yanmars, and though that model engine has a great reputation, I still wish I had a single with bow thruster. That said, do a quick check online - especially regarding the 6 cylinder Yanmar in the one you're looking at. Most 6 cylinder Yanmars are fine, though there is one model that i recall with a poor rep.

The swim platform "box" on most have been fixed by now. Originally were a bolt on that were foam filled and leaked - eventually saturating and deteriorating the foam. Plenty of info on line. Nothing terminal with that issue. Probably already fixed. Actually, not sure if it was still an issue with 2003's.

Other than that, no real "gotchas" to watch out for. Just usual boat stuff that any good inspector would be looking for on all surveys.

She's kind of a jack of all trades, master of none. Just a good all around boat. I refer to mine as an SUV. Pretty versatile. Pretty good value for the dollar. Decent quality at its design price point.

PM if you have any questions. I always consider myself a rookie, but happy to share any knowledge I've gleaned. Also, there's a Yahoo group for Mainships that you can pick up some info on. If you can deal with the clunkiness of those forums.
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In addition to what Phyrcooler said, here is what I have experienced;
Check for water leaks via the drain holes under the bridge bench seats, it leaks into the ceiling space, water intrusion into the upper deck through the radar mast base and the table posts bases. Leaks through the rub rail around the entire perimeter of the boat will cause leaks down the inside of the hull and also saturate the CORED aft corners of the boat. Yes, the aft radius corners are balsa cored. The rub rail needs resealing occasionally.
If the swim platform does not have inspection ports in it, then chances are the foam has not been removed. If it does, then you can look in there and check for water. I just vacuum it out. Usually no more than as inch or two annually. Reseal the rub rail around it too.
I have twin Yanmars, so it's the normal give and take of the twin versus single debate, your preference.

Good luck.

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