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The Mainship Pilot 34 had about 10" of headroom above the existing riser, so with the 8" vertical extension and about 1" of insulation blanket, it barely touches the sound insulation on the underside of the hatch.

FWIW Mainship took the easy way out and used the Yanmar OEM parts. If they had someone fabricate a custom riser that tied into the Yanmar mixer (which is quite well designed BTW) they could have had the correct height and it probably wouldn't have cost them an additional couple of hundred bucks.

But heck, most boat builders do exactly the same thing as Mainship.

The Pilot 30/31 may have an entirely different engine room configuration and height.


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You've gotten some excellent feedback on the Pilot, I've heard it all as a member of the Yahoo Mainship site for over 15 years and the riser, spray rails and noise are the three recurring themes for this vessel, none should be a deal breaker.

I owned a MKI for 11 years and was a vendor for Luhrs / Mainship while working for 3 different suppliers over 20 years. I can tell you that low bid was not the main factor in choice of suppliers, and most of what you find installed is good quality. I have visited both the St Augustine and the Midway plants several times and the workmen really did try and produce a good product.

If the 34 Pilot meets your needs it's one of the best values on the market. Whatever issues the vessel has can be easily overcome and I feel quite confident they would be no worse than any other manufacturer of a similar vessel, which would probably cost much more.

Good Luck, the Pilot 34 is a good choice if it meets your needs.


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