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The drone could be useful. In the Bahamas and other areas, it could fly ahead of you scouting out deep water/channels. You could use it to check out little inlets, bays, etc for anchoring possibilities. It could bring you cold drinks from the beach bar, saving gas for the dinghy.

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Originally Posted by N4712 View Post
Also a lot of aerial photography business have pooped recently due to companies like DJI making good quality RTF drones that can actually achieve something with out have to be Paul Allen.
There's a land survey office nearby that just added aerial photo capability with drones. The survey wood lots for harvest, residential plots for development and real estate ads etc.

In the case of the yacht fire it'd be a great tool for the Fire Captain on the ground to get an overview of the situation. I think we'll see more and more businesses pop up as the tech improves.

Some nice aerial video of my boat cruising a scenic waterway would be cool too!

Yours Aye! Rick
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Originally Posted by Conrad View Post
You're right - there seems to be a real run on yacht disasters this year.

Another interesting aspect here is that it appears that the footage was shot via a drone mounted camera. Excellent quality, and I think we will see a lot more of that in the future.
Fire was likely started by a drone, which crashed into the yacht while spying on nekid babes. The drone crashed when the lithium battry powering the rotors exploded. By the way, as a former certification pilot/engineer for the FAA, I can say without reservation that every one of these drones has fatal design flaws when compared to even the most simple certificated helicopter or airplane. Part of the reason for certification is to protect people on the ground from junk falling from the sky. These contraptions are a clear and present danger. They should be banned from flight over any populated area.
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Originally Posted by janice142 View Post
Thread drift: so what is the name of yours Captain Bill?
The 42' GB motoryacht that I use to own (pictured to the left moored in front of my friends house in Eleuthera) was named Gin Gizmo.

The name of the boats I run for a living change from time to time. The last one was named Huey's Island. A 100' Broward named after the owners dog. :-)
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About the only 'inoffensive' use I could think of for a camera drone, is to be able to get shots of my own boat in motion, because otherwise I have found it next to impossible. No-one I know ever seems to be out there when I am.
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There are a couple of fire trucks parked at the bow but it looks like they are going to just let it burn itself out. If you click the YouTube link

there is more info. Says no other boats were damaged but I wouldn't want to be the owner of sailboat just aft of the fire.
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Is a boatyard the same thing as a marina? When first reported on our local radio station, they reported it as being at a Chula Vista marina. There are two marinas in Chula Vista and neither one has that big a boat docked there. Knew it had to be in the boat yard. P.S. With every reporting of the story, the value of the boat keeps going up. Last I saw was 56 million dollars.
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Originally Posted by jwnall View Post
What would you use it for? I've been wistfully eyeing such things ever since I read an article about drones in Wired magazine several years ago, but can never come up with a good rationale for what I would use it for. Of course, that has never stopped me from buying toys in the past, I suppose . . .
Excellent point. I bought the AR Drone before thinking that through. After a few hours practice, I have not used it in months. Even so, if I had not bought an AR, I would probably be "needing" a Phantom.
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