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Originally Posted by bankerboy1 View Post

How difficult to is to restore a boat that sunk.

Any thoughts,

Rich T
A lot easier then restoring a sunk relationship!

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IF its fresh water , and the interior has not floated away in a soup of wood chips why rebuild?

Simply power wash everything and scrub scrub scrub.

Dry with a de- humidifier and go for an adventure.

So the Alt dies , its probably a Delco car unit at $39.00 rebuilt from auto zone.

Some stuff , like a bilge pump might need replacing as a safety item , but the FW pump will be good till it finally dies.

A hand held Vhf and GPS would easily do the Loop.

Use an ice chest as you wait for the reefer to come back or need R&R.

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I did the same job with a 28í 1996 Rinker that had the boat liftthat it was sitting on repop. It didníthave the plug in so it sank right at the pier. It sankin about three or four feet of water. I wound up replacing the engine and goteverything working. The problem was as several have stated, electrical. Over the next two years I hadseveral electrical issues and wound up replacing a lot of wiring. I would notdo it again unless I was retired and had plenty of time. While I donít mindworking on my boats I think itís more fun operating it.

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As a snow contractor I know the harms of salt and wiring. If the boat was in fresh water then I would take the plunge as long as the project made financial sense. Salt water.... No thanks. Them gremlins will always be lurking and munchin

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