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Leyland vs Lehman (Should I care?)

Narrowing my list of boats and they both have twin diesels with about 4000 hours. One has the Lehman 2715E and the other has Leyland 6T-165.

Both boats around 20T and 40ft.

Any preference one way or the other? I like both boats, but not sure if there are pros to either model of engine or if it is a wash.


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Would suggest you determine price and availability of some sample parts such as raw water pump, fresh water pump, thermostat, injectors, etc. Can you find shop manuals for the Leyland? The results may drive your decision.


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Lots of Lehmans out there still in service. While the original Lehman company is long gone, other companies have set up to support these engines, making their ownership and servicing viable indeed. Leylands much more rare, and as far as I know, they are true orphans. Might be a good engine, but if you need parts you could be stranded.
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The Ford Lehman 2715E (base engine by Ford UK, marinized by Lehman) is very commonly used on midsize trawlers in the US. An entire company, American Diesel, is dedicated to supporting them.

Leyland or British Leyland was a large UK car and truck manufacturer. You see very few of their engines on US trawlers. I wouldn't begin to know how to buy parts or a shop manual for them.

I know that we often say that other issues matter more than the engine in buying a boat, but in this case it is the issue. Go for the Lehman.

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Pick the boat that only has one. I prefer Lehman.
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The Ford engine marinized by Lehman was used in many Ford vehicles. Non marinizing parts are often available , including /especially from tractor seller/service places.
As said above American Diesel Corp, run by the Smith family, can provide most parts. The late Bob Smith was VP of Lehman and founded American Diesel. There are other Lehman parts suppliers especially for cooling system parts, one is on ebay and is a reliable supplier.
With Leyland parts, I just don`t know, you have to do some research, but I`d be hesitant. The Lehman engine is in so many boats from the 70s/80s there is good reason for parts to be kept available because there is demand.
Which is not to say the Lehman has lots of parts wearing out and needing replacement, they are a good durable economical simple engine.
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Leyland was purchased by company from India. You would need contacts in the U K to find parts for them.
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Lehman. Hands down. The parts availability and cost with associated parts / rebuilds is excellent, not to mention the simplicity and durability of these engines.
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Lots of Ford Lehman owners at this site. I remember a comment from the owner of a big trawler charter operation here in the PNW saying that he wished all his boats had Lehmans, based on their durability and trouble-free operation. That says it all. Make sure parts availability is still good.
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The Lehman is the smarter play. Not much need to pile onto the good advice already offered above, but I can share the experience of a friend who bought a brand new early-1980s vintage GB-42 with the very same twin 165hp British Leyland diesels. For as long as he owned the boat, he complained about everything from reliability issues to difficulty finding service and parts. "I should have ordered it with Lehman's," was his lament.

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