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Price can`t be the only decider. You could have a dud filter, highly priced, nicely packaged, nice sounding reassuring brand name, statements on the box how good it is, but it`s still a dud filter. Which is why we shell out for OEM, or an aftermarket brand we trust, like Baldwin, even though there may be cheaper less well known or less reputed brands which are just as good. So we opt for safety in our choice.

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Wix is all I will use. Not at my home computer so I don't have the link, but there is a good mopar oil filter study somebody did and I was convinced. Also was convinced that Fram was crap.

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just read about 20 different studies...all had varying results that reminded me of anchor tests...

Buyer beware...especially if you think OEM is the way to go....
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Originally Posted by psneeld View Post
Again...I don't think anyone here would remotely suggest a cheap filter...just not necessarily one that's 2x the cost at a Marine store or a hard to get OEM filter.
I'm not sure there is a marine grade oil or fuel filter. Their are companies that make filters for marine application like Sierra Racor but they dont list a marine spec. Amsoil does make a marine grade engine oil which i have been using since it came out a couple of years ago. I see mobil one has just came out with several marine engine oils for diesels. Marine grade grease has been around for years.Marine grease is missing the graphite and other compounds that can cause galvanic corrosion but other than that i believe they are the same.

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