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KVH TV Satellite Users - Locked when running?

I can't find it in the manual, but on the KVH FAQs page I found a thread about making sure the unit was powered on when running.

Apparently rough water will cause the un-powered dish to spin freely, potentially damaging the components and accelerating wear.

So do you run with power on to your KVH or off?

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Mine is powered on 24 x 7. I have a DVR hooked up to it with various time slots programmed to be recorded and available when I'm on-board.

But I doubt rough water would be an issue. The dish will not spin freely, there is some resistance in the belt drives etc

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I leave my HD7 on 24x7 as well. The issue I'm more concerned with is driving the power to the system via my inverter (vs generator) when under way. The system seems to work fine, however there's a slight "hum" at the control box while on the inverter that's not there when plugged into shore power (or the generator). I suspect this is due to my modified sine wave inverter. The system has been rock solid but would wonder if others have had issues with theirs.....
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Thanks folks! Found this on KVH website FYI.

Sleep Mode
When you are moving, the antenna’s motors need to run continuously
to keep the antenna pointed at the satellite and locked onto the peak
signal. However, if you are stationary, the motors don’t need to run
since the antenna’s orientation to the satellite doesn’t change. In these
stationary conditions, Sleep mode locks the antenna in place and shuts
down the motors to conserve power and silence the antenna.
KVH recommends that you keep Sleep mode set to On (default
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