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Inexpensive shore power cords

I found this company on another boating website. They make shore power cords that are much more reasonably priced than Marinco sells theirs for.

One of the people on the other forum bought one of their cords and is very pleased with it.


Mike and Tina
Beachcomber 1995 Sea Ray 550 Sedan Bridge
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I bought a 50a cord from them a couple of months ago. It appears to be well made.

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Have you seen one in person? When we bought the Tug we had to get a 30a splitter and we went with Furion as the prices were much lower than Marinco, Hubbell, Charles. The led lights went out in less than a year. I contacted the company and they were great to deal with, sending a replacement without asking for the original back (splitter was OK, just the lights were out). Now, two years later, I have had to throw out that splitter because of corrosion and overheating. Has never been in salt water and was well cared for. This time I bit the bullet and went with Hubbell.
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I don't know about the comparison with Marinco pricing, but for $12 more on a 30a 50' cord, I'll go with Hubbel.
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Tell them to make them in mold color, we won't have to worry what to use to clean them.
Steve W.
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Wow, yeah, those prices are great. I've wanted a 50A to 2-30A splitter for a while. Just for those rare occasions when I take a transient slip at a marina, and that's all that's available. That hasn't actually happened yet, so I can't justify paying $200+, but for $85, it's a good item to keep on hand to give me more flexibility in plugging in.

I have to admit I also harbor a belief that the name brands are taking advantage of their near-monopoly. If a competitor can charge less than half the price, AND provide decent quality and service, then I want to support them.

It would be nice to actually compare the materials and workmanship with some destructive testing, but that would be expensive. I am concerned to hear that one was so bad it had to be thrown out. It's hard to know from just that one experience if that's indicative of overall quality or just a fluke. Nobody wants to take risks with something as critical as shore power, so we all pay double (or more) what it's worth in hopes of somehow getting "better" quality, not really knowing what that even means.
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I bought a 25' 50A cord last Fall and have been pleased with it. Use it all the time when the power pedestal is close enough (80% of the time). No red power indicators or such, but functional and inexpensive.
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This time I bit the bullet and went with Hubbell.

Eventually everyone does.
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Have you guys not been through the whole power cord failure threads?

The last thing I want to do is try to save money on my power cord. Worse, is to be moored next to the guy going cheap on what is arguably one of the largest fire hazards in the marina.

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