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An ID-10-T error?

Hello, I am looking into vessel to use cruising (loop?) and live aboard.
I am looking to spend around $50 60K which puts me in the late 70s to early 80s taiwan trawler class. I have found this one close by (relative to Texas anyway) that has great eye appeal, but there are some issues.

1981 CYM 37 DOUBLE CABIN Power Boat For Sale -

The interior layout appears to be standard for boats from that era and size.
It has a solid hull with no apparent leaks around windows, etc. and the interior appears in good condition. It has fresh exterior paint and a bottom job in last 2 years. There are teak decks that the current owner sealed with epoxy paint. All electronics would need to be added or replaced. It probably has the original iron tanks. There is an engine oil leak. There are some soft spots on the FB. Additional ground tackle would be needed. There are NO maintenance records for engine, generator, etc. The wiring is neat and not a rats nest! It is missing the mast/radar post. The port stern hawser is missing a horn. The boat has been under contract, but, the buyer backed out midway through the survey due to the soft spots on the deck. I have read this survey, but, it is not complete.
I am pretty sure the boat sold for $15 to 16K 2 to 3 years ago. (found an old ad asking 16k).
Should I grab this one with the idea of it being a learning experience, or, keep looking. I realize that with age and $ amount I am willing to spend, any boat I look at is going to have some issues.
Thanks for any input.
Oh, ID-10-T => idiot

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I've always maintained that a person who is new to boating should buy his second boat first. By that I mean don't even consider a "starter boat". You'll realize in a year or two it's not suited for what you want a boat to do for you so you sell it and buy the one you should have gotten first. And that gets very expensive.

Do your homework, take your time, walk onto lots of boats at boat shows to see what you like and don't like about them. Make two lists, LIKES and DON'T LIKES and stick to them when you're getting serious about buying.

That little thing that you say, "Well, it's on my 'don't like' list but I'm sure I can learn to live with it" can become a major irritant after awhile.

Do it right the first time.

Mike and Tina
Beachcomber 1995 Sea Ray 550 Sedan Bridge
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City: Port Isabel tx
Country: Usa
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Thanks GFC, I will continue looking.
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Soft decks are not a horror show , just a bunch of work and some money


Figure $5-$7 per sq foot with you doing the work.

Perhaps 5x to 15x that with "pro" labor.
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Hi Skier,
If you have 50k to spend, I'm assuming it's for the purchase plus some $$$ for "maintenance". Soft decks are not a real problem as was well said before. But removing those teak decks will add to your project. If looking to live aboard then do the loop, I'd be looking at aft cabins exclusively. Maintenance records on older boats aren't as common as folks would believe, ergo a good look at the machinery, as well as a decent survey would be worthwhile. I'd personally only have a survey with the understanding I would be there discussing the boat with the surveyor as it happens. Might cost a few bucks more, but you will have a understanding of the projects going forward.
In my opinion, I'd never buy a boat for the experience. I'd buy it because it fit my needs as I see them.

I own a 82 Mainship I, The $$$ going in, the time going in are a labor of love. I do it knowing I'll never get the investment back. This is close to a new looking and performing boat, well maintained, that said, it will always have a top value which would surprise me if it hit 45k. I mention this because there are many people like me who maintain their boats meticulously and then find themselves selling them for what actually is a song. (Mine is not for sale). but take your time;--- those really great boats are out there. Invest in one of those!!!

Btw if you know of a nice Krogen 42 @ 125k. let me know--- then mine might just be for sale.
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