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I think there's more to this...

Canadian tariffs for one. Is there an equivalent drop in RV sales? It doesn't look like it if you've been to a campsite or tourist trap recently. They seem to be everywhere. People are quite willing to spend more than they have.

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Originally Posted by leeman View Post
Canadian tariffs for one. Is there an equivalent drop in RV sales? It doesn't look like it if you've been to a campsite or tourist trap recently. They seem to be everywhere. People are quite willing to spend more than they have.

The NYT had a recent article about RV sales slipping. Blamed the Trump tariffs which raised the cost of steel, aluminum and Chinese built parts.


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This may be due to demographics. At this point we are on the downhill slope of the boomer wave and we should expect some slowdown in sales of retirement toys such as boats and RVs in the next few years.
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Talk to Harley Davis, their NA sales are down, us old farts have bought these antiquated technologically challenged motorcycles and they are now being off load on the cheap as us old farts become less able to handle a big bike.

I think the big boat fad is going to pass when us old farts no longer can handle the boats and the millennials are up to their eyeballs in debt for foolish things like housing, food and children, so they won't be able to purchase these large vessels. Will the younger generations behind us be able to afford the fuel for those "swift trawlers?" Some will, most will not. In Vancouver BC, almost every home (sadly I don't exaggerate) is over a million dollars. My son, a millennial, knows only one couple his age who currently own a home in greater Vancouver, not in the city. My son has a condo in Victoria BC which at the price he bought it would get him a mansion in the Southern states.

Because of a certain idiot (don't want a message from the moderator) I am paying thousands more for my boat refit here in Canada due to tariffs in place. I don't even want to think about how much more my Garmin bill is going to be, I'd just get angry, sometimes denial is a wonderful thing.
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There are always multiple factors, but the tariffs have absolutely reduced boat and RV sales and further scared manufacturers and investors. They are impacting far more areas of our business community than most are aware of.
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Hmmm, haven't seen this many boats on the water since 2008. Marinas have a higher occupancy and the one I used to use for my charter boat now has a wait list for slips and boatel. Probably not the same everywhere, but certainly a lot better than 4 years ago. Prices seem to also have gone up on slips, yardwork, fuel and other marina items. It would be interesting to see the numbers of new boats sold for the last 5 years and percentage of USA versus foreign built.

Personally, I'm waiting for a new USA built 13' dinghy. Dealer has had it on order, but the manufacturer can't even give an estimated delivery date.

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It is also the quality of boats and reliability. Boats have not really kept up with other technology - no doubt better. My 1976 SeaRay with a 351 Ford Motor didn't have as many issues as my 2017 SeaRay with about the same setup. Millennials grew watching their parents wrestle with boats that didn't start, plus this that and the other kept breaking. Most of the things millennials touch work - power tools, phones, TVs, cars and this list goes on. Just my thoughts.
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Bad economic news, contrived or real, will be highlighted until late November in 2020. Blame, lots of blame for one man, is the key. Intentional damage to the economy is not inconceivable. Usually, every four years, we can count on the best economy that can be squeezed from the ruins that was once a great country, not making that assumption this time.
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A lot of people seem to be getting into the DIY RV builds the past few years. I know a lot of people that have abandoned or sold their manufactured RV for a self-built option that lasts longer than the off the self stick and staple RVs. Back when I owned an upholstery shop, I said I would never own an RV that was mass-produced. I've stuck to that.
What a pain in the transom.

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I have several friends in my area that are having trouble selling their boats simply due to the fact that their slips arenít transferable and every marina in the area has a long waiting list.

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