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How to quieten the diesel heater dosing fuel pump

I have recently installed the Planar diesel heater in my Hatteras 37 Convertible. it is an amazing heater, heats the big boat in 30 minutes from 45 to toasty 69 degrees. On my previous 36 ft sailboat i had an older Eberspacher (Espar) diesel heater and i remember the pump was noisy especially in the night when it is quiet and the heater kicks in. This time i screed its bracket onto a glassed in piece of plywood on the side of the hull in the engine room, but i have wrapped it in some 'duct seal' compound i bought at Home depot (on suggestion from another boater). it helped a little bit but i can still hear the pump ticking while working. Would suspending it in air without screwing into anything strong help to educe the noise?

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Sound transfers very well through fiberglass

I would be careful about wrapping the pump motor because the motor may overheat. Mounting the pump to the hull side may provide a pathway for the sound. Try isolating the motor from direct contact with the bulkheads, hull sides and salon floor.

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Thanks for the tip. It is however not a motor. It is actually piston driven 12V metering pump delivering measured quantity of fuel dependent on the speed of the piston stroking up and down and the SS ball jumping and spitting oil through it. I'll certainly try the rubber backing and avoid the contact with the hull to reduce the noise transfer.
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Build a rubber isolated mounting plate. I did it for my water pressure pumps
And it worked great. Mount a small piece of plywood or wonder board with rubber grommets on the screws. Lots of rubber, dont over tighten the screws. Mount the pump on the board. Voila. Quiet pump
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Mount it like compasses were once mounted in airplanes - 3 pieces of bungie cord to suspend it in space, like a spider web. You've never heard a spider fart, have you?
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The rubber mount ideas are really good. Is how subs stay quiet. With my ancient Espar I like to hear the clicks. The happy sound of the working heater that requires no genset. So mine is staying as is.
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The harder the pump works , probably the more noise it will make.

Use a gravity tank to feed the fuel to the pump

Feed it in and an out with fuel rated rubber hose .
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I am pretty sure the fuel pump on my Wallas has to have an electric solenoid added if the fuel is above the pump as there must be too much leak through and will flood the heater and beyond.

Also the hose size is must be very tiny or the pump has issues either with the amount, pressure or lift of the fuel.

All this of course depends on what pump is used but sounds like similar pumps are used by several manufacturers.

My pump is on the heater itself and its ticking is barely audible above the blower until you put your ear against it.

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