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Originally Posted by No Mast View Post
We started with Nooks, but the versatility of the iPad won out for us.

Same route for us too. iPads are infinitely more useful than dedicated readers. Reading books in direct sunlight doesn't even sound appealing so that limitation does not concern us.

We have a limited library of real books I'll not part with and the rest are ebooks.


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Originally Posted by Shrew View Post
If we're talking about reading for pleasure Fiction/ anyone actually doing this on a regular basis.
Yes, I for one.

David Hawkins
Deer Isle, Maine
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I use the Kindle app for my iPad. I'm over 650 books downloaded. I also downloaded the PDF versions of all the manuals that came with the boat and freed up an entire drawer for other stowage.

I read a lot and was reluctant to make the transition to reading books on a device. Once I tried it, I've never looked back.
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Originally Posted by Shrew View Post

I've owned Kindles for years and never needed any bells and whistles.
Me neither. I read a lot of British books and my Kindle has a British dictionary loaded on it so I can look up words I'm not familiar with. That and highlighting passages in books I refer to a lot so I can easily find the passages again are the only "bells and whistles" I find I need as far as reading books is concerned.

If I need to search words and stuff I use an iPad.

Speaking of e-books I'm just finishing a fascnating one. Called "The Brilliant Disaster" its the whole story of the Bay of Pigs, starting with its origins under President Eisenhower and its disastrous conclusion under President Kennedy. While the book covers the invasion itself, far more fascinating is the look into the Eisenhower and Kennedy administrations, both men as presidents, the CIA, and the whole political scene that prompted the attempt to unseat Castro. I knew nothing about the Bay of Pigs other than the very basics, but when I heard an interview with the author on the radio i became intrigued and downloaded the book.
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Originally Posted by Larry M View Post
We both use Kindles and love them. I bought one for Lena 2.5 years ago at Christmas. She said didn't want one. After a week I think she had it surgically attached. Now what to do with all the vacant books shelve space on Hobo?
Lena must be my long lost twin.

Having eschewed e readers for years, I was given one by my colleagues and just before re-gifting it, I tried it and loved it.

We probably have 200 books on it. I'm on my third one, having broken two.

I tried the kindle bright, but didn't like it, so it's Julie's now.

I also use the app on my Samsung note and tablet.

I use the tablet to read magazines, mostly Science News.

The phone is best for reading newspapers, like the WSJ, every morning.

The kindle itself I like best for books.

I also take photos of all schematics.
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Started using the Kindle app on my Samsung Galaxy tablet couple of years ago. Only paper books I buy now are those unavailable on e reader.

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GW and I both use Kindle's. I got mine a couple of years ago and before that didn't read much. Now I go through about a book a week. I download them from our local library connection into Outlook.

I've also put almost all of my boat equipment manuals on my kindle and have a NOAA weather on it. I wish they had better weather forecasting information for the kindle. Maybe some day.
Mike and Tina
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Not I. Never. Got enough practice looking at a screen as it is, especially during the last decade of my professional career writing, editing, and reviewing on a computer.
Kar-KEEN-ez Koot
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We have 1000 plus E-books in our library. We've found Calbre is a great management tool. It's open source for Macs, Windows and Linus. It makes organization on the Kindle or any E-ready pretty simple.

calibre - E-book management
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I typically read hard copy, but there can be some advantages to eReaders. There is just something nice about a hard copy vs an electronic one.
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We first ran across a Kindle in Charleston, SC while travelling on the ICW. "Nah we'll keep reading paper books". That from my wife. I was gifted a Kindle for one of my B'days a bit ago, then acquired a Samsung Galaxy tablet as well. The Kindle has become my wife's reading tool, while I use a Kindle app on the Samsung. Our local library is the source of the majority of our books. Truthfully, we still hit the swap shelves in marinas to borrow/swap paper books, but the electronic units are nice to have on board.
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One of the big advantages of an eReader, in my case a Kindle, is that my bad, slightly old eyes can read a Kindle better in a darkened room than a physical magazine or book. Some of the magazine editors needs a kick in the head when they have a dark, photo with dark print on a magazine page. With a Kindle I can read in bed and not disturb SWMBO with the lights on. Without the Kindle I would have to turn on the lights and I would be in trouble.

Being able to book mark and highlight text in the eBook version is a big plus. I refuse to high light or dog ear a real book page! That is book abuse!

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I like the "Paper White" version of Kindle. I can read it in the dark with no lights or bright wheelhouse setting. Hobo crew got me hooked up with calibre library over a year ago and am still working through them.
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I never got used to my Nook. Sue loves hers. I guess I just like the feel of a book in my hands. That may have to change when we cruise if the fleet is exchanging e-books.
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We tried reading on the iPad. It was too hard to hard in sunlight. So we both got Kindles. I have hardly read a paper book since. My wife definitely hasn't.

Mike Metts
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Virginia Beach, VA

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Chris got a Nook reader a few years ago and liked it at first. But she was buying quite a few books and the prices weren't as reasonable as the used book store. I intended to do e-reading on my I-pad but never got around to it. E-reading had the obvious advantages while living in Alaska but as soon as we moved south we picked up our old habit of regularly going to the used book store and have been happy doing that ever since.

I read hard back books at home mostly but carry paper back books always. Read at Starbucks (when I'm not on TF) and in other resturants and waiting rooms of all kinds. It's amazing how often one needs to wait for something but I almost always have a book.

I could always find room for a dozen or so books so I can't relate to the coments above about trouble w space .. and I've got a small boat compared to most. Many have a need to do things just because they are new. Maybe the cost of e-books has come down and we should look into it again. It could be also like the trawler skipper that's been using a Danforth or Claw anchor for twenty some years and aren't motivated to do anything different. Some think having all the new things is a badge of honor. For now I still like my paperbacks.

What I/we read plays a part in this too. We read mostly fiction. Like stories. I just bought the hard back book "An Accidental Superpower" by Peter Zeihan .. not fiction. I learned about the book on the TV program "GPS" (Global Public Square). I read books in college about "what made America great" and this book is re the same question but it's about the future .. not the past. Very worth reading.

North Western Washington State USA
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Originally Posted by manyboats View Post
Maybe the cost of e-books has come down and we should look into it again..

The price of e-books varies all over the map. I've bought some for 99 cents. Newly published books tend to cost more, but they are usually at least ten bucks less than the printed version.

I read both fiction and non-fiction. I would guess that the average price of an e-book is about ten bucks. But if one reads mostly older books, you get down into the five dollar to 99 cent range.

As I said, I resisted e-books for quite awhile. I had all the same arguments--- I like the "feel" of a book, I want to hold the book and turn its pages, all that.

Then I got a Kindle and in about five minutes all my reasons for preferring real books went right out the window. Today, I cannot think of a single advantage to reading a real book unless it's a specialty book like a big picture book or something where the physical size and actual presentation of the book itself is important. My most recent book is like that, and I doubt that it will ever become an e-book unless Jeff Bezos decides it should be.

But for reading "normal" books, the e-book is vastly superior in my opinion (and in the opinions of virtually everyone I know who's switched to e-books). I love being able to look up the meaning of a word as I read with the push of a button, or insert a bookmark with another push of a button, or have a whole library of books in a device that's half an inch thick.

The words are the same, the meaning is the same, the emotion is the same. The only thing different is all the hassles of dealing with and holding open and storing a real book are gone.

And even the issue small and unsharp photos is gone. If one reads a book on an iPad, double-tapping a photo on the book page blows the photo up to full size on the screen.

I prefer reading on a Kindle for the reasons I've stated earlier. But since all our devices are on the same account, any book on our Kindles is also on all our iPads. So if I'm reading an illustrated book and I want to see a photo more clearly I can simplyi bring up the book on an iPad, automatically go to the same page I'm on in the Kindle, and double-tap the photo for a full-screen, sharp-as-tack picture.

The whole e-book concept is absolutely brilliant in my view. I have always been a fast reader and very often am reading two or three books at the same time. The Kindle (or any of these devices) enables me to read even faster and more.
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+1 for Paperwhite
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I love love loved my original Kindle however made a mistake in not insuring it. Because I'm a reader (at least two hours at bunk time each night)... well, I use a Kindle more than many do.

Amazon in their advertising seem to relate the average use as 30 minutes per day. Heck, I read that much before my first cup of caffeine is down the hatch!

My original concern was giving up the texture of flipping pages, and the satisfaction of the hunt (used book stores) however I'm now sold. 100% sold on owning a Kindle of some sort.

The books I read as a child are almost all free. And there are a ton of free ones on along with Amazon.

What I like best is that mine is always with me. It doesn't weigh much and I never worry about being bored someplace. If I sit to wait, I'm reading. A Kindle I count as one of the best parts of this life afloat.

For instance, when reading Rushton (a Horatio Alger story) the author mentions Swiss Family Robinson, and I've got that one on the Kindle too. So I changed books for a bit.

Right now I'm reading about ten books simultaneously. I could not carry ten in my purse so the Kindle allows me to indulge. I'm grateful for it.

Though an extravagant expense, it's one I regret not making sooner. What is killer is the price of newer books on the Kindle. There are enough free ones that I don't buy, often. But I am weak... and look!

For Amazon, I'll save the ones I want to my shopping list s that I can tell when the price goes down. That's when I snap up the books. I bought Cheaper by the Dozen a couple weeks ago for $2. THat's a good book though I'll have to hold off on reading the last chapter until I pick up Belles on their Toes (the second/final book by Ernestine and Frank.

And i still have books for swapping and reading. I just have more, with the electronic versions on my Kindle.
Janice aboard Seaweed, living the good life afloat...
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Thanks Marin I'll look into the Kindle.

However "The only thing different is all the hassles of dealing with and holding open and storing a real book are gone." I can't relate to any of this except possibly books that don't have the copy in the right place on the page so one can't see words on the end or beginning of a sentence. Can one plug the Kindle into a cigarette lighter and charge or read as charging takes place?

What does the Kindle cost and where can I pick one up in person? I know I can get a Nook at Barnes and Noble but the Kindle???


North Western Washington State USA
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