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Originally Posted by psneeld View Post
Every experience boater knows to watch inlets where tide opposes current. Some are a breeze no matter whsat...some can be deadly.

Also the bars and standing waves can break unexpectedly with current surges.


If you are not experienced or can read water and weather (and do your homework)...most dangerous inlets have some sort of traffic/rescue services that can be contacted for info.

My experience with west coast bars is the really bad ones had USCG spotters at the mouth giving they still do that?

Yes they do, on occasion. Sometimes their resourses get stretched pretty thin.
Hey, just read this and it dosent make sense

Three crewman were rescued Tuesday from the 38 foot fishing vessel MANATEE. The vessel began taking on water near the entrance to Coos Bay, Oregon. The United States Coast Guard sent a 47 foot motor life boat to rescue the crewmen. The vessel reportedly sank and an investigation into the cause of the sinking and salvage efforts are underway. Records indicate the MANATEE was built in 1941 and is owned by William Merrit. There are no reported injuries at this time.
The Coos Bay bar entrance is notoriously dangerous in heavy seas and high tides. Studies by the National Transportation and Safety Bureau have identified the Oregon Coast Crab fishery as the most dangerous fishery on the West Coast. Tragedy appears to have been diverted in this case, but safety precautions must be followed at all times to prevent seamen and fishermen lives from being lost.

I fish that bar and high tide always appears better to me. But you know, there is part of the south jetty and rocks that can be under water at high tide so someone not reading their charts or paying attention may find them unexpectedly. They are off the end of the south jetty

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