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I started a excel spreadsheet for both maintenance and Items I have stored onboard and what location

I have only owned the boat for a little more then a year but I am already forgetting the dates I did what

I can never remember what tools are in what locations etc

I also uploaded it onto google drive

I am sure this spreadsheet will evolve

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Excel spreadsheet, with individual worksheets for major systems groups (engines, genset, plumbing, electronics, etc etc etc)... and including a "notes" sheet (how to do some specific complicated jobs, including which tools)... and including a "projects" sheet (stuff to do if a rount tuit appears).

Each sheet grew itself, but then service that requires periodic revisits (filters, etc.) can be easily highlighted, and/or copied/pasted into a future section of the sheet.

I'm on schedule if I fix/service/replace something most every day. Filling the freshwater tanks counts as a chore like that. Researching projects in advance of actual physical work also counts.


South River, Chesapeake Bay
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Originally Posted by THD View Post
WE use a commercial program, Vessel VAnguard. As some have noted, it can be a bit of a pain to maintain and upkeep, but we have managed to narrow down the most useful pieces for us and it works well. Helps to be aware of and to schedule all routine maintenance as well as issues we may hire out. It also has what seems to be just about every manual in the world available online. The initial cost may seem a bit steep, almost $700 for us, but they did the entire setup for that. That annual cost is pretty reasonable at about $100 per year.

That said, Jeff Siegel just did a multi-part piece on the phone based databases they use for all their vessel management. A lot of info and ideas for vessel management there. Check out his recent newsletters on Active Captain.
I forgot about Vessel Vanguard earlier. Jeff makes one point on his of phone/remote availability. We use tablets to access our information the vast majority of the time.

Whether one is using spreadsheets or software, one thing I also put tremendous value on is having all manuals digital. Fortunately that task doesn't involve as much scanning as it once did as 99% are available digitally. Being able to access them anytime anywhere is a huge plus. The other plus is that they're searchable.

Two other factors in what type system one needs are whether you are dealing with more than one boat and how much you use it. A lot more on your maintenance schedule if you use it or them 1000 hours a year versus 50 or 100 hours. A couple have mentioned annual maintenance but at high usage you have more frequent maintenance. Even where you use it is important. Someone mentioned checking zincs annually. Ours get checked every time the bottom is cleaned so about 12 times a year.

One thing we also find helpful and it can be spreadsheet is parts and supplies inventory. Knowing what you have and where it is has value as does knowing the age of everything. Having the impellers you need may not be of value if they've been sitting for years and are now hard and brittle.
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We use

It sure was work to set it up and learn how it works, but it was time well spent for us. Very happy with the way it segregates the equipment, tracks tasks, reminds you of upcoming maintenance, how you can setup future "wish list" tasks, tracks spares, and manages manuals, vendors and documents.
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Stuff breaks , If I think its worth the effort I fix or replace it.

Or design it out.EG, macerator pumps suck , unless there $1,000 ea,
toss it and use a clamp on connection for the emergency hand bilge pump on the deck connection..


Oil change seasonal,

Antifreez change 3 years , divide by 3---2009, 12.15, 18,
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Originally Posted by FF View Post

Antifreez change 3 years , divide by 3---2009, 12.15, 18,
Similarly, I use a 3-month rule (months divisible by 3- Mar, Jun, Sept & Dec) for servicing my lead-acid batteries. I used to need to do it more often until I added Water Miser battery caps.

Water Miser Battery Vent Caps

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