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Holding tank air lock...

Had a holding tank air lock while on a Memorial Day raft-up. I removed the pump out cap and air whooshed in and the pooper worked. The vent line from the tank takes a downward slope and then goes up to the vent. Could this be the problem?

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Yes, if the tank was full and the boat rolled a bit of slosh could have surged up into the line leaving behind ....well ... stuff and when it dried it could easily cause a clog.

Also look carefully at the outside the hull vent it often has a small screen that can be clogged with corrosion or even a bug nest, clean that sucker out if found and consider replacing the hose and thru-hull with a 3/4 inch line for better air flow, the aerobic bacteria will be happier and they eat the anaerobic bugs that cause the smell.

Use a 3/4 inch hose thru-hull like you would a bilge pump discharge.

I really recommend Peggy Hall's book she is the "Head Expert" regarding...ummm stuff.

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The low spot could hold water, or the vent might be plugged with crud build up or mud dauber nest, spiders love them too.
good luck!
Steve W.
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The vent line should have constantly grade back to tank with no dips to hold water. Condensation could be enough to fill the low spot and air lock the line.

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Air in the holding tank seems to be a big factor in lowering the onboard stink.

If you are changing , most RV use a 1 1/2 vent line and have few stench problems.
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