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Great boat stocking stuffer!

Check out this gyro/intuitive screwdriver-nutdriver. When I think of all the times I'm bent every-which-way to get to a remote hose clamp, this thing would do all I need to do in those one-handed areas with no effort at all! Just set the torque, choose from straight or gun type handle, and twist in the direction you want to turn.



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what they really need to come up with is one with a floating head that always stays perpendicular to the screwhead so it doesn't strip out as easily....THAT would blow everything else away....

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That looks good - I'm going to keep an eye open for it
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Mr. psneeld. "so it doesn't strip out as easily"...I apologize for taking your comment out of context but ONE sure method of keeping a screw from stripping out is use a better screw. Hatteras Yachts and some deck screw manufacturers use these which are far superior IMO from a strip perspective... List of screw drives - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
I try to buy and use these as much as possible when available. I'm fed up to the gills with Philips screws stripping out.
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In my work I've used Slot, Phillips, Torx, Roberson, Hex or Allen, Posidrive and others.
For screws, wood, and sheet metal the Robertson is about the best that is readily available.
A well made Rob. screw can be given a light tap onto a well made Robertson screwdriver and it will stick, usually quite tightly.

Biggest problem I seen now is too many mfgrs. making scrap everything so even a good Robertson won't fit/stick reliably anymore. Worst are the so called multi purpose combination heads, slot, phillips, robertson lousily made so NONE them work well.

One thing to watch out for in a lot of ELECTRICAL equipment is the screw heads are POSIDRIVE , NOT Phillips. Interchange them and you will very likely ruin the screw and then have trouble loosening or tightening. They look very much alike but are NOT. The Pozidrive is a good design and can usually be i.d. by looking at the screw head. Between the 4 drive taper slots will be 4 lines radiating out. If you are working on electrical equipment and the screw head looks like a Phillips, BEWARE, it may not be and trying a phillips in place of may ruin the screw drive.

In the link the Pozidrive is the second from the left.
Products: Wera

Another useless tidbit maybe but in particular I saw lots of the ruined "Phillips" that were in reality the POZIDRIVE and it caused a lot of grief. To the point I would buy the other guys a set. Was cheaper than the fighting with monkeyed equipment..
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