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RE: A good reason to give up the sailboat for a trawler?

The term scantlings i'm quite sure has to do with primarly or entirely with dimemsions.
In addition I don't recall the term scantlings applied to cabin structures. Scantlings are
primarily hull thickness irreguardless of materials used in construction. Having said
that I looked it up ion the dictionary and here is the most relevent definition. " The
dimentions of a frame strake or other structural part used in shipbuilding".

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RE: A good reason to give up the sailboat for a trawler?

Having spent more time sailing offshore than is reasonable for one who worked for a living , I can assure you that a well found boat with sufficient scantlings is a joy forever.* So far, I've been on two boats that have lost their masts (we recovered one mast), one boat that lost it's centerboard (had to proceed under power in that there was NO windward ablility left), one boat that lost its rudder (we rigged a jury rudder and sailed it back from about 50 miles out), and one boat that started to come apart (VERY light scantlings -- we sailed her 200 miles home to New Orleans -- down wind).* I can also assure you that a heavily built boat is MUCH more assuring and MUCH more comfortable than a super light race boat.

Trawlers offer all the bells and whistles of sailing (except the fuel bill) with few of the trouble and travails of sailing.* It's work to sail.* It's also expensive to sail.* All that cloth costs money and has to be replaced REGULARLY and tended to with much attention while under way. *Additionally, when not racing, the wind is rarely helpful and MUCH time is spent under power.* The engine in a sailboat is rarely accessible as normally defined and I've spent more time than I care to remember crouched over that "monster in the basement".

I'm REALLY looking forward to some trawler experience and you may rest assured that engine accessability is high on my list of "druthers".

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