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"Good Old Boat" for trawlers

Eeber wrote:
*Your general assumption is plausible but that's like saying a magazine about draft horse farming wouldn't be profitable without all the big name tractor and equipment ads ( see "Draft Horse Journal", Small Farmer's Journal", "Rural Heritage" for examples of successes).

Granted, it may not be nearly as profitable, but profitable none the less.* These magazines profit on more diversified adds from mutiple angles.

A magazine where I could find advertizing for replacements and upgrades and etc., and a multitude of articles on a million different trawler subjects, would be highly sought after thus drawing more advertizers.



Interesting subject. *I'd love to see such a publication. *I'd love to do such a publication. *I have actually done such a publication for another vehicular interest group that failed through no fault of its own, but the truth is, it was a dead expense that I tolerated to feed clientele to another related business, and on it's own would probably have failed anyway. *In four issues, it had subscribers in all 50 States and 14 foreign countries, but the ad's couldn't even cover the postage, and that was with a "forever" contract for the inside covers, and outside rear cover. *Add that to FF's mentions about flagrant suits and the liabilities of being honest, and.........? *Then there's the deadline thing. *Thanks to Marin and FF for bringing these things back to mind before I started getting excited about doing another rag. *What was I thinking!?

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"Good Old Boat" for trawlers

healhustler wrote:*Thanks to Marin and FF for bringing these things back to mind before I started getting excited about doing another rag. *What was I thinking!?

*If a person loves doing this sort of thing and having the magazine cover the cost or even make a profit, however small, is not a priority then it could be a very beneficial undertaking.* I'm not condemning the idea, just the notion that publishing a magazine on a regular basis is a) a lot of work, b) is expensive, and c) takes a major effort in terms of time.

Unless the income from publishing the magazine makes a, b, and c worthwhile to a person, it's probably not something most people would want to take on.

We have a TF member who knows as much or more about the business of publishing a magazine than probably anyone on the forum, and that's Carey.* For several years now he and his wife and a couple of partners have been publishing an extremely well done monthy magazine highlighting all the events--- entertainment, cullinary, etc.--- coming up in the Bellingham-Mt. Vernon- Anacortes area.

If one wants to know the facts about what it takes--- and what the rewards are-- of publishing a magazine with a fairly specific readership, he's the one to ask.

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RE: "Good Old Boat" for trawlers

I would love to see a magazine like this.* The Classic Yacht is a great one to be directed to.* Thank You!* How about the idea of* Trawler Forum magazine with various articles by the readers/viewers?* I have no idea what it would take to do anything like that.* I wrote an article for a now defunct magazine from the Bellingham Area about PNW Cruising and enjoyed the process.


Keith Olive

Cowiceh, WA
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RE: "Good Old Boat" for trawlers

Marin wrote:
The American version would be a pretty small magazine :-)* Most boats of the type we own have more similarities that dis-similarities.* And the systems--- engines, electronics, refrigeration, plumbing, galley,cabinetry, etc. are all similar since the*components or basic designs are used by all the manufacturers.

Where specific information becomes really needed is when the boat's specific construction or configuration is part of the key to finding a solution.* For example, a recent post on the GB forum had to do with water that was pooling on the main cabin floor under the settee of a member's boat.* A search of windows and the other usual suspects turned up no problems.*

But an experienced fellow on the forum suggested to check the condition of the seal around the fuel fills on the side deck.* The floor of a GB's main cabin is lower than the main deck, and water leaking in around the deck fills can migrate over to pool at the side of the cabin floor under the settee.* Turned out this was what was happening, the cure was to re-bed the deck fill.* Only someone familiar with the construction of a GB would have known this was a probable cause.
*Marin, that was me that posted the question on the GB forum.*I used to subscribe to Good Old Boat and found it to be a great "how-to" resource. At the time I was relatively new to boat ownership despite having grown up with a boat always in the family,*and that magazine helped a lot. Personally I'd love to see an equivalent magazine for older trawlers, because Passagemaker just ain't doing it for me. - Boyd

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