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RE: Getting Used to Fear

Marin,Some good comments. The Fortress is one I've considered before and as you point out for good reason. You'd think we'd get rocky bottoms frequently but in practice * *..not often.
Most of the time our bottoms are mud or sand in that order. Even the Guardian ( econo-Fortress) is pricey and w all the logging debris not a perfect option. I have 3 Danforths (about 22lbs) but only one has a forged shank. Ther'e free so perhaps I should use them up and see how often I have trouble w snagging. The forged shank (real Danforth) seems to work well but I don't know if the other two do.
I'm quite sure the roll bar contributes significantly to holding via drag addition. Many anchors have a shank about exactly the same length so one would thing there's a common reason but that could be that everybody's just copying everybody else. It could be that a lot of obvious things hav'nt been tried. Thank's for the input.

Eric Henning

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RE: Getting Used to Fear


Regarding snagging logging debris, anchors like the Rocna, Bruce, etc. have holes either at the wide end of the fluke or in the bottom of the shank for the attachment of a trip line that can be used to haul the anchor out backwards if it gets snagged.

I'm not aware of a similar setup on a Danforth-type unit.* Our Fortress doesn't have the accomodation for a trip line on it anywhere.* However, there are those metal rings (some people just use a huge and heavy logging shackle) that you can put around the anchor rode and then slide it*down to the anchor and pull it to the bottom of the shank at which point pulling on the trip line fastened to it will back the anchor out.* I've never actually done this although we have one of the rings. But if you don't already have one*that's something that could help you not lose a Danforth-type anchor if you get it hung up on debris on the bottom.

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