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Getting Hitched

well.......after 21 years, the Admiral and I are getting married......well.....remarried.....but thats another story.........headed to Vegas, we looked at having a Cpt. marry us here, but too damn cold. will post a few pics of the newlyweds working on the new (to us) boat upon our return....

James and Julie

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RE: Getting Hitched

jlamb15 wrote:
well.......after 21 years, the Admiral and I are getting married......well.....remarried...*

James and Julie
*Congrats James, Peg and I did the same after our kids got on their own ( 10yrs ago ). Just thought it was a right thing to do just cause we drifted apart with all the stresses/work/raising a family etc. Once they were gone out of the house we became a couple again so it was in order. We are still together after 34yrs so she must have picked a good one... haha*:headbang:


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RE: Getting Hitched

Congrats James and Julie! Too bad we couldn't have enlisted the help of our own Master and Commander to perform the ceremony on the delta! Maybe next time you two get married! Hope Vegas was good too you.
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RE: Getting Hitched

Awesome! Congrats!
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RE: Getting Hitched

Nice idea. Congrats in advance. My Admiral and I got hitched in a sunrise ceremony only 4.5 years ago aboard our Bayliner Cruiser in Stiltsville, a small group of houses on stilts in Biscayne Bay (about three miles east of Miami). The early morning fishing boats passing by kept us rocking so much we could hardly stand on the deck. One could say we "had a rocky start".

When we returned from a three-year hitch in Berlin last year. we wanted to do it again on our recently purchased trawler. This time we had a much more stable platform, which turned out to be a lot better psychological contribution to our commitment.

Best of luck.
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RE: Getting Hitched

Congratulations, what a great idea. Best Wishes.

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