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Fyi - Butyl Tape

FYI here is some good info you might want to consider. HTH JD

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Watched video. Info generally good


I strongly disagree though with the suggestion of a larger drill bit used as a countersink.
Yes, I have done such and sometimes with a near disastrous result. In many materials that bit will grab and pull itself in before you can react enlarging the hole too much.

I always use a proper countersink tool. Even then it can be abrupt but no where near that of a drill bit.

And yes I have reground a drill bit for countersinking but the two flutes can still be abrupt/too aggressive. If you carefully grind the cutting edge of the bit flute so a new edge appears that is parallel with the bits centreline it will now scrape and not bite in so strongly. This is a common modification of a drill bit for successfull Plexiglass/acrylic plastic drilling.

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If I have to use a drill bit to countersink, I run it in reverse so it doesn’t take a big bite out of the fiberglass. With pressure in reverse it will gradually countersink but I much prefer a proper countersink.
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Least you could have done is to give us a bit of info re what your thread is about. Had plenty of space and no advantage to it being a mystery.
Coulda just said “FYI .. re butyl tape”.

North Western Washington State USA
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That is one of the BEST videos on how to bed or re-bed deck hardware I have seen.

When we started repairing the leaks coming from our deck hardware, all we had was the written instructions on the Compass Marine website, with a few photos. Glad to see we did it right!

I did not see any mention of using a drill bit instead of the chamfering bit in the video (must have missed it) as C Lectric mentioned. In the video the gentleman doing the repair uses the proper chamfering bit to enlarge the holes. We used a similar bit, and it is very easy.

Anyone who is interested in fixing leaks or even adding a padeye could watch the video and gain the confidence to perform many repairs/modifications to their boat. It really is as easy at it looks in the video.

The only thing I would add is to put a bit of dishwashing soap such as Dawn on the lock nuts before tightening. This helps prevent accidentally stripping the bolts and/or lock nuts.

Mrs. Pea Trombley
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That was excellent. I've used that stuff on the standing seam metal roof on parts of my house and it's great to work with. Had no idea it was THAT good... Thanks for posting. I will transfer a roll to my boat for sure.
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re: countersinking.

I could argue to drill a pilot hole, then countersink larger than the final drill size so you don't crack the gel coat or surface you're drilling into. Then countersink again to get the exact size you want.

Agreed, Butyl is a great product for bedding.

Also sold at Compass Marine, where Rod RD Collins provides a wealth of info.

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