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Cool Fuel Tank dimensions WC 46'

Wondering if someone can help me. I have a westcoast 46 [twin] just new to me and I have the tank tender system to measure fuel and water levels. In order to get an understand of the number of gallons in the tank you first need to know the dimensions of the tanks, makes sense. The owner manual states 420 gallons of fuel total for both tanks, I assumed that would be 210 each tank and that it was imperial gallons since the boat was made in Canada.
When I measured the tanks as best I could I discovered the STBD fuel tank was 2 inches wider than the port, I also learned that the get set runs from the STBD fuel tank, There is a line connecting the two fuel tanks with values at each tank in the off position.

My questions are; am I correct that the STBD fuel tank is larger than the port? Does anyone have the exact dimensions of the fuel tanks used in a 2004 westcoast 46 with twin cummins engines.


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I cannot answer the tank size question directly. These boats were low production units. DOn't know how many were actually built but not many. You can measure the tank height, length and width and calculate.

277.8 cu. inches per Imperial gallon, 231 cu inches per US gallon by my memory and then looking at a calculator page to confirm memory is ok yet.

If you measure the tank exteriors then you can calculate the gallons, both US & Imperial. Measure carefully as some tanks may be tapered front to back, end to end,

Don't assume the gallon capacity stated is Imperial. It may be but you should confirm that yourself or you could get a nasty surprise one day.

Boats built in Canada often quote/quoted USG capacities.

Of course tank wall thickness will change that but so little it can be ignored.

I had to do the same a long time ago and I'm glad I did. Different boat of course.

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7.48 gals.= 1 cf
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