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Originally Posted by Capthead View Post
That's frikkin crazy. I can go to the pump and buy it here in CA for 3.83 a US gallon for my truck.
Agreed. Some of the posted prices are unreal. The price of fuel has dropped this past week or so. I paid $3.79 for taxed on road fuel yesterday and saw $3.75 at a different station today. NC has some of the highest road taxes so off road prices should be much cheaper. A month or so ago, I was paying $3.89 pretty consistently for the last few years but the price dropped in August and then recently.

No way should off road fuel cost over $4.00 right now in the US.


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Originally Posted by Capthead View Post
That's frikkin crazy. I can go to the pump and buy it here in CA for 3.83 a US gallon for my truck.

Dyed diesel

Dyed diesel is fuel with red dye added to show there are no federal or state fuel taxes paid. Other industry names for dyed diesel are: marked fuel, farm fuel, “red dyed” diesel.
Common uses

Common uses of dyed diesel are non-highway farming equipment, construction equipment, generators, and marine vessels.

So why are you paying more? In the LA Harbor it's around 3.60 or less depending on quantity.
Simple answer is state taxes. Diesel in Ocean City, MD use to be $ .20 to $ .30 a gallon cheaper than road fuel. So the state added a marine fuel tax and required non commercial users to pay sales tax on the total of all the other taxes and the cost of the fuel. So now marine diesel is higher than over the road diesel. The state looked at our boats and decided we could afford to pay more.


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Heading south on the AICW we always buy fuel at Top Rack Marina in VA, at ICW mile 5 (as I recall). They consistently have the lowest diesel prices in VA. And, if you spend $75 in their restaurant "Amber Lantern" which is very good, you can spend the night at their docks at no charge. You can check it out at Chesapeake, Virginia, Doral, Boat, Dealer, Used, Parts, Service, Financing

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I found this link to fuel taxes. Looks like Connecticut is the highest at $ .46 on diesel and Georgia the lowest at $ .075.
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Originally Posted by Iknowimcrazy View Post
Wondering what diesel fuel at the local marina is?
This information is available on Active Captain and More importantly, you can check prices in the area where you will need to buy fuel. There's not much point in knowing the prices in Maine if you are in Florida.

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