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Originally Posted by Hawgwash View Post
Have you thought about where you can put another 500 pounds, dead weight, in a 34 foot boat?

Are you also planning to have 6 to 8 weeks food aboard as well?

Are you trying to justify a bigger boat?
We are not trying to justify a bigger boat, this one is fine for the 2 of us. Just want to add water capacity.

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How about a rain catchment tank reserved just for washing and cleaning and one potable water tank just for drinking. Depending on where you are that could give you a bunch of options and long duration.

In the summer I could keep rain water tanks filled darn near forever and it would be an easy job for an water-maker or even a high end filter system to turn rainwater in to drinking water. I understand water-makers don't like dirty inland and ICW water as their input.

Spoil islands make a good place to use a Duralog in a pit to turn your trash into a small pile of ashes while having a nice sunset evening.

Just an outside of the box thought.

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City: west olive mi.
Country: u s
Vessel Name: Slow Ride
Vessel Model: 1979 Mainship 34
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Thanks everyone, My post was not as clear as it should have been.We will not be on the hook all of the time. One or two nights a week at marina,s. Just want to add freshwater cap. when on hook(keep wife happy) All ports will be on lake Mi.[Grand Haven to Strait,s]
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What Larry suggested is a good idea. I picked up a number of buckets out of the recycling bin from a cup cake bakery that had been used to store icing. Once cleaned out we use then to store all sorts of stuff. Some have lots of holes drilled in them to store potatoes and carrots. Others are used for dogfood, prawn bait and all manner of things. Last summer we started to use them to collect run off water from the boat deck, that we used for washing dishes and even a cold water wash. Mind you we can make our 350 gallons last 3 or more weeks if we are careful.

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Originally Posted by swboater View Post
Hi everyone, first post so bare with me. My wife and i own a 1979 Mainship T . We only have a 50 gallon fresh water tank. I would like to add 60 to 80 more gallons of capacity. Plan on living on boat for 6 to 8 weeks this summer, mostly on the hook.Any idea,s? Also, want to thank Brooksie for your help and time.
You don't say if you'll be moving or staying in one place for six to eight weeks. If you're moving, you will be buying fuel so you'll have the opportunity to take on water, have your holding tank pumped, and dump your trash and garbage. You might not actually need more water capacity.

You've been given suggestions for portable water storage. If you really want to add tanks, you'll just have to look around the boat to see where you can add permanent tanks.

I'm assuming you are already practicing water conservation. You can really cut down on your water use if you try.
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Originally Posted by sunchaser View Post
Six to eight weeks away from a dock? Time for a water maker
That was my thought as well

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