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Four Months, 6,000 Miles for Dauntless & Her Intrepid Crew

Sorry to post another link, but I lose the formatting when posting to TF.

The table on the link above has our tentative cruising plan for the next four months. While the dates are somewhat tentative, you know me, I like sticking to the plan.

We have others joining us for various legs, though at this time, it looks like I still would like to have a couple or one person for the passage from the Canaries to the Caribbean. If you think you have some interest in this, please email me, sooner rather than later.

I am excited about getting this new phase underway. So much of my time, my life, my adventures have been in Europe. I’m ready for a big change. It will take a year to get to Alaska and another year to get to Northeast Asia.
Dauntless is as ready as she has ever been. Unlike coming east two years ago, all is ship shape. Spare parts are stowed and organized, fuel tank vents are moved, paravanes are rigged to run more effectively and can be easily run much deeper if need be and the two air conditioning units are even working.

Here are the current winds for the mid-Atlantic. To get an approximate idea of the Dauntless' route, visualize a line from the bottom of Spain to NE South America. Following winds or no winds. the se are the "Trade Winds" and are pretty constant all winter.,-43.066,4

Can't ask for better than that.

Richard on Dauntless,
New York

a Kadey Krogen 42 currently:
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Sounds like a great plan, safe passage!

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TF Site Team
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We're looking forward to following along. Sure sounds like you're ready.
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Wifey B: I love love love love it.

People are shocked at our miles and we're moving faster. 6000 in 4 months is big time, more hours by far than even us. We've done 6000 miles in 4 months but it would be half or a third of the hours for you.

You'll have a blast. Well, if you get the crew you need. Seriously, those long days and nights of cruising aren't so bad when shared. In fact, they can be very special times.

We schedule too. As long as it's always flexible nothing wrong with it. On our loop, we added a day here, deleted one here and all works out.

Are these places you're seeing for the first time? I know much of ours is and that's such a joy. Only places on your route we've seen are the Canal and Costa Rica. Others to come, I guess and meanwhile follow you.

Others will say you're crazy spending so much time cruising and going so far. You're crazy if you do it and don't enjoy it, but if you enjoy it, just do it and ignore. Personally, I'd target 2 extra crew everywhere possible. It really can relieve the work burden. I wouldn't want to do that 18 day leg with fewer than 4 people total. I know you did crossings with 1 and 2 and that might be adventurous, but also exhausting and I doubt much fun after a bit. 4 people total and you all can get good sleep.
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Originally Posted by Wxx3 View Post
Sorry to post another link, but I lose the formatting when posting to TF.

Can't ask for better than that.
Enjoyed reading your Schengen experience. It's the most over regulated mess and no one seems to understand, even agree upon or care about.

I spend a lot of time in the EU and managing schedules is a challenge. I have to use the online Schengen Calculator to figure out when I can come and go.
Larry B
Careful . . .I Have a Generator and I'm not afraid to use it !
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Really looking forward to following this next journey, Rich.....minda like reading a good book.


"When life gets hard, eat marshmallows”.
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atlantic, dauntless, seeking crew

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