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RE: Float Plans...

If this information has already been posted, please forgive me. For those of you that have iPhones or iPads, Florida by water jas a great float plan application that allows you to setup a profile on your vessel with MMSI number etc and then send an initial
Float plan and any updates via email to a list of people you define. This makes it quick and easy to let people you trust know where you are going and when you plan to return or arrive at your next stop. If plans change or there is a delay, you can send a quick update to your plan. You then close it out when done. This app may be supported on other platforms. Their website is

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RE: Float Plans...

I posted this inquiry back in August and it seems about 50/50*do or don't do the float plan. Quite a few folks use the SPOT system which appears to be a*very popular alternative.*** KJ*

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RE: Float Plans...

Jay N wrote:
The need to file a float plan depends a great deal on where*you are boating.
We adhere to the same practice as Jay for the same reasons.* We will tell specific boating friends that we are "going to the Gulf Islands for two weeks" but other than naming some of the potential places we might visit, that's it as far as information we can provide.* Plans change, weather forces changes, and it's not worth it (or sometimes even possible) to keep updating any sort of schedule with people back home.* There's lots of boat traffic, radio coverage is very good, so it's not like we're out in the middle of the Pacific or running along some deserted coastline.

We have always filed flight plans or flight notes when flying the Passage, in SE Alaska,* and into the Coast Range and interior of BC, but the situation there is quite different from puttering about in an 8-knot boat in frequently used waters.* If the day comes when we are able to take the GB up the Passage, I doubt we will file any sort of float plan then either other than to let friends know more or less what we intend to be doing.* And we might check in by phone from time to time.* Or not.* We use the boat to get away from people, not maintain contact with them, so letting people on shore know where we are is not any sort of priority at all.

In an emergency we have VHF radios (fixed and handheld) and mobile phones.* We don't have an EPIRB as we've not so far considered it necessary for cruising the waters we've so far cruised in --- San Juans to Desolation Sound.* When we venture farther north we would probably add an EPIRB.* And I have a handheld aircraft VHF radio that I could use to contact aircraft should we be in a mountainous area with poor or no marine radio or phone communications.
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RE: Float Plans...

We use the SPOT Messenger, as mentioned by CCC. We send a fix in immediately after anchoring each night. The fix goes out via satellite and is received by text message and email to a number of friends; my daughter is our primary contact and also the emergency contact. Because the fix is sent by satellite, it is independent of cell coverage. SPOT also allows us to send out a special agreed upon message to my daughter as well as an emergency message. The system is water tight and floats, and we have been using it now for 4 years. $100 for the unit and $100/yr for the service - REALLY cheap insurace.

The attached shows a shared web page from our last cruise so family, friends (and god forbid, clients) can follow your progress if you like.

I should mention that we keep my daughter advised of future plans by text messaging and when we are out of cell coverage, she will know we are OK by our daily fixes.
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