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Per wrote:
do you use a metal leader for fishing butts?
FWIW I started out using jigs but after observing the bait guys outfishing me by about 100 to 1 I switched to using a halibut spreader with a*16 or 24 ounce*weight*with a dual-hook setup on a short steel leader.* For baiit I use a whole herring plus an octopus chaser.* That rig has proven to be fantastically productive, particularly once I added the octopus.

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Hi Per,

We don't use leaders.* We fish butts with 50lb braided line - plenty strong, and real skinny, which is great when you're jigging the bottom at 100-200 feet.* It isn't pulled away from the boat by the current as much as thicker line, and you can really feel the bottom.* We use 8 or 12 oz BigN jigs with 10" grub tails, tipped with octopus, squid, or a bit of halibut skin.* Also use 13 or 16 oz Crippled Herring jigs, re-rigged with the hook attached to the top so it doesn't catch in the rocks.

OTOH, Cindy caught her first butt, nearly 100 lb, on 14lb mono - fishing at 30 feet or so with a sinker and a hoochie.* We switched to braided for butts, but still use 9 foot salmon rods, and salmon-size reels or only a bit bigger.* Works fine for up to 100 lb or so, but it did take Cindy an hour and a quarter to bring that super big one to the boat.

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RE: Fishtales

Hay Grumpy, I see you too have to fight the sharks from getting the good parts. BB
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RE: Fishtales

Yeah, if you are quick enough or the sharks are a bit small at least you save the shoulders,wings and importantly the cheek pieces in the head.
Cheeks in a big fish are a real prize.

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