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Fish Finder

I just bought a Simrad Cruise chartplotter/fishfinder. I do not fish and only plan on using it as depth sounder. This is a skimmer type transducer and I am not thrilled with mounting it on the stern of my 38 Marine Trader Tradewind. The instructions show the alternate of using epoxy to place it on the inside of the hull. I like this idea but wondered if anyone has experience with doing this? Thanks for any advice.

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If it's anything like the Lowrance plotter I've got, you should be able to buy a standard thru-hull transducer that's compatible with the unit. That's what I did for mine (the skimmer type is still in a box at home). Fishfinder capability works fine with the thru-hull unit, although I only really use it as a depthsounder. The transducer I got also has a temperature sensor in it so the plotter reports water temp.

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It will work just fine with the supplied transducer as long as the hull is not cored (yours isn't), you don't located it directly over the keel/strut/prop/rudder, and the fiberglass laminate is well laid up and void free. You may have to try a few locations in order to find one that works well so I wouldn't go straight to the epoxy installation.

The simplest method is finding a spot either forward of the keel or aft of the keel where water lays in your bilge and try placing it in the bilge water, the bilge water will provide a void free medium for it to shot through, if it doesn't work, move it around a bit until it gets a good signal.

Obviously you don't always want water laying around your bilge but most boats have a little somewhere, so try those places first. If you don't have any wet areas or none of them work, you can dam up an area with modeling clay to hold a little water for you to try the transducer. Once you have a good location selected, you can make a more permanent installation by epoxying a piece of pvc pipe on end, shaped to the contour of the inner hull and place the transducer inside loosely along with some antifreeze or you can (non-thickened) epoxy it directly in place (without the pvc pipe) using the modeling clay to keep the epoxy from running out and leaving voids until it cures. Cheap 5 minute epoxy from a hardware store works well and you can usually pry it free of the hull as long as you don't prep the hull too well. We ran a walkaround for years with a hummingbird transducer laying in bilge water for 15 years, worked better than the transom mount. This would not work for a fancy side scanning unit.
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We installed a transducer in the bilge on our previous boat and let it shoot through the hull. Worked fine. The only issue is you will lose any water temperature sensing. If that isn't a concern for you, go for it.

GDavid is right about mounting it temporarily until you're satisfied with the location. Gorilla tape would be more than adequate.

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I don't like shooting through the hull. It seemed to work when going very slow and in pretty shallow water but over 50 feet it would jump around . At idle it was OK but at 6 or 7 mph reliability was sporadic.

Stern mounted transducers seem to battle turbulence issues.

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