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first spring start-up Lehman 120

I've spent a life-time messing around on boats. Always powered by American gas engines [CC-28s's, Gray Marine, Palmer etc]. In the spring I always gave the engines a good cranking over with the ignition off, to gently loosen rings and get some oil pumped.... then ignition on and they started.

My 1981 Cheerman has twin 120 Lehman's. [~3000hrs].

Other than make sure the oil pressure comes up and the water is pumping etc. Any words of wisdom at first start-up or just the usual as if they have been sitting for a week in the summer?
If it makes a difference boat winters in very cold Ontario on Georgian Bay.


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I did the same. Spin a few times with fuel or air off to see oil pressure come up. But I think most people just start them up without problems.

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There's nothing wrong with cranking them while holding the stop button to help get some oil pressure before starting, but starting them at idle there is so little load IMO its also not a problem. For the first start of the year I always say I'm going to crank my 135's with the fuel off till I get oil pressure, but I never do. I suspect most people don't either and these engines are well known for their longevity. Plus, they start so easy - 1 day, one week or all winter, less than 2 seconds and they're running.

Start at idle and make sure you have water flow within the time it should take to fill everything and then just do normal checks to make sure nothing is leaking.

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Some engines do not prime the lube oil pump well at starter speed. So you end up grinding away waiting for oil pressure. That is worse than just kicking it off as normal.

Just start it up.
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Cannot wait to start my baby again and hear that loud music and smell this delicate diesel fragrance! Looking at the snow storm outside I guess it will take me some time
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