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May be a little banging here. This group definitely needs a new raft-master!


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My only raft-up has been with FlyWright for a short visit during one of his fishing ventures.


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There is no "crawling" involved if the boats are lined up correctly; one steps from one swim step to another. When there is a sailboat in the raft, one steps over the rails and crosses the foredeck.
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Originally Posted by BandB View Post
Trying to get an understanding. I've never been part of a raft up. Don't even like rafting at marinas when required. So, trying to understand and asking for help....

Can you guys explain why? The special pleasure of rafting up as opposed to anchoring or mooring or marina? I've seen the college kids do it on tv on Lake Havasu. But never seen trawlers do it and just can't appreciate what it's all about. So enlighten me, please.
You have to tread lightly on this one. It could become another anchor thead. As in what is the best anchor for a 4 boat raft up. Or ediquet thread on whether to hold it or direct discharge" treated of coarse. Of course we could go off on the physcology of going it alone or gathering in a like minded group.
Or we could just drop it and craw back in our respective caves. Naw l'd rather talk about the many raftups I've seen dragging anchor and the chaous that followed.
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thanks for the education

Interesting reading. Never heard the term RAFT UP but sure have seen it many times, especially along the Tennessee River and the lakes off the river.

We prefer more solitude as drinking just isn't my thing. But I certainly understand the need for others to party hardy and am glad everyone has a good time. Would rather see them STAY TIED UP rather than drinking and driving on the water. DUI boaters really piss me off.
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Raft ups work well for like minded social folks, we enjoy them and they are great fun. Drinking is not "mandated" in any social activity but if you think it is then rafting up is probably not for you anyway. We enjoy solitude and socializing and are quite capable of having a great time on the water doing either.

It's easier to fool people than to convince them that they've been fooled - Mark Twain
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There are benefits to raftups and benefits to solo anchoring with friends nearby. Craig raises a good point about "like-minded" in a raftup. If you're an inside boat, you're unable to break away at ease. It makes for a much more harmonious experience.

We always raft up with our transoms aligned to allow easy movement from swimstep to swimstep. Organization and plenty of anchors is the key. We prefer an area free from weeds and current, every boat with a bow anchor and every other boat with a stern anchor.

Here are a couple of our raftups from our Delta trip last summer with TFers Giggitoni, Cpseudonym and Astral Blue.


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