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Dauntless Award
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City: New York, NY
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Vessel Name: Dauntless
Vessel Model: Kadey Krogen 42 - 148
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The First 5,500 nm on Dauntless

An update on my travels.

Dauntless is patiently waiting for my imminent return in Nassau, the Bahamas (I have to specify, because I have some supposedly smart friends here in NY, who think I am referring to Nassau County. Thank god the boat is not in Jamaica, as then everyone here would ask why my boat is at JFK airport {the only thing they know in Jamaica Queens])

Once back in the Bahamas next week, Ill be coming back to the Miami area in a few weeks, then moving up to Ft. Pierce for the month of March. Some work needs to be done, like installing flopper stoppers, a water maker and a diesel heater, before I return north (Providence, RI) in April/May.

Im also starting a Blog

DauntlessAtSea | Voyages of a Kadey Krogen 42

One of my goals has been to write about my trials and travails in a systematic way. I also want a place to post some of the pictures I have or will take.

Im been back in NY since New Years and have taken this opportunity to get this show on the road.

I also just finished organizing the 4,000 pictures I have taken since March and I will start posting the good ones in the next weeks.

As time goes on, I will figure out how to easily add links.

So here is a summary of our first 10 months:
Travelled over 5,500 nm = 6250 statute miles = 10,000 km
930 hours of running time
Furthest North point reached, St. Johns, New Brunswick, 4517N, 6603W
Furthest West, on the Cumberland River, 3053.1N, 8130.9W
Furthest South, Normans Cay, Exumas, the Bahamas, 2435.5N, 7647.6W
Furthest East, Cape Sable, Nova Scotia, 4325.3N, 6540.6W
Longest passage (without stopping) 230 nm from north of Block Island RI to Cape May NJ

I've also been really pleased with Dauntless, She has lived up to her name.
She has been as efficient as hoped and anticipated, with an average of:

1.5 gal/hr.
4.2 nautical miles/gal
Genny uses about 1.1 gal/hr.

Richard in NYC for now

Richard on Dauntless,
New York

a Kadey Krogen 42 currently:
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Grate post. Be looking forward to hearing more and seeing the Blog + Pics. Keep me updated if you would.

Thanks and happy cruising.


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Richard: I will certainly keep tabs on your blog. I love reading the cruise stories. Sounds like you found yourself a wonderful boat in Dauntless. All the best going forward, Pete
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Mr. Wxx....Looking forward to your reports/shenanigans.
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