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Fender, red ball Taylor made how to inflate?

This fender, the entire valve can unscrew.
Using a hand pump, the pump can not overcome the valve design and seperates.
Does this kind need an air hose compressor pump?

the black rubber covers the white hard plastic, in the white hard plastic are 2 sideways holes to let in the air. the black rubber part completely covers the little holes. the needle is a tight fit in the white plastic. Without the black rubber, the hand pump easily passes air. It appears that it takes a lot of pressure to make this valve design pass air, force open the black rubber. The black rubber will come off the whiter plastic valve.

Both are Taylor made fender and Taylor made pump.

image upload

I answered my own question, they call this a trivalve.
Are these any better fenders than the cylinder shaped fenders they sell?
If not then why bother with the special trivalve design?

Q: How do I inflate my tuff end buoy with a tri-valve?

A: The valve on this fender requires the use of a high pressure air pump. We suggest using a pump with an output of 20-30 psi. Recommended inflation on the Tuff End Fenders & Buoys in 2 psi. Tuff End fenders and buoys are manufactured with our Patented Trivalve. It requires a decent amount of air pressure to move the air through the valve so that it escapes the positive check valve (which is the black sleeve at the bottom of the valve. Note the hole where the air escapes into the buoy is on the side of the white valve tube, underneath the rubber sleeve. Higher air pressure helps the air escape out this hole). Please contact Taylor Made Products customer service with any additional questions at our toll free number 800-628-5188.

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A $20 plug in the cigarette lighter car tire pump will go way beyond 30#.

1984 Monk 36 Hull #46
Currently southbound in Georgia.
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I use a pump like this:

from a camping store.
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A big advantage to this style is they can easily be deflated , so storing a dozen below takes less room.
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These are great to use on high flare bows or topsides with flare. Unlike the round fenders that are best on flat sides, these round balls give more deflection earlier in use. Besides.... They make excellent temp anchor balls when you decide to leave a well set anchor for a day foraging expedition and are easy to see and don't bang the deck like a traditional mooring ball when grabbing them. That and they do deflate just about flat.
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The draw back to them is they suck for protection against a piling.

They are great for floating docks, raft ups and pivoting off a dock in many cases.
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One point brought up before...not sure if always true...

The balls have a smaller surface point of contact and a point of wear more so than the cylinder kind.

Not my point, but others say they noticed it.
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I just refilled a Taylor ball that I had in storage. I removed the valve and used my shop vavumn to inflate. It worked surprising well and the ball is full.

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