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OK, so we all want to go fast. Secretly even the true trawler guys.

So at $1.84/gal maybe trawlers will disappear. Check out Osprey Marina in S.C.

Tampa Bay
Carver 355 ACMY Twin Cummins Diesels Sold
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Jet ski "annoying the crap out of you when they buzz the boat in a anchorage"

The simple solution to buzzing jet sjis is to cut floating polly pro line into 2 or 3 ft lengths.

Unravel the line into single strands and scatter it around your boat.

When sucked in it will either stop the motor , or cut the seal enough to make the jet pump leak.

The sound of silence is a delight!

Don't get caught!

This is Plan B.

Plan A is to simply mount our 12G starting cannon and give a "salute" as they approach.

The black powder charge is super loud and gives even brain dead riders a hint they are not wanted nearby.

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For those that want to design their own fast boat , this site may help.

Wide-Light Project
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Originally Posted by devorenm View Post
Like having a jet ski - the most fun thing in the world for about 45 minutes then your ass hurts and you run out of place to go.
Very true. I bought two jet skis (actually wave runners) about 8 years ago, and they have a grand total of 20 hours (each).

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