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Fast Ferry Chenega

Saw this going through the locks ahead of us today:

MV Chenega - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

I think it runs through Prince William Sound. Maybe some of you Great North TFer's guys can give more info.

Unfortunately could not get a picture of it. It was almost too wide to get through the big lock. Fortunately for us, they sent us through the small lock rather than in behind that thing in the large lock. It had four huge waterjets for propulsion. When they fired them up to start moving, I was glad we were not behind them!

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The fast ferries are a fun ride but are not able to handle the more open water routes in the winter.

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Glad she's not in SE as the Chenega must throw an awful wake.

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Locally it is known as the Chenogo. It's not used in the winter months, and I believe can only travel fast in seas less than 6 feet. They are fast and have lookouts constantly looking forward on each side to avoid trash, logs, and other debris. I remember talking to a crew in training for the Fairweather (same design used in SE Ak) and asking them if they had any encounters with endangered marine mammals (sea otters, seals, seal lions). They kind of laughed. I have a friend who has dove on the Chenega to remove debris from the jet drives.

They are fast and come up on you quickly. Their wake is very different from what you would expect. It is a group of long period waves if you are 1/4 to 1/2 mile from it and there seem to be two or three sets of them, I haven't counted exactly since they don't normally pose a problem. They are easy to ride over even in a sea kayak, just some up and down.

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