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Originally Posted by Steve View Post
Don't do the "taste test" like I used to do to find out which, till I has a battery electrolyte leak and dipped my finger into it then tasted it! I got a burn on my lip and tounge, like firewater!
And let's not even think about that test with grey or black water! 😃

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I believe I have found the source. The anchor locker has a drain forward against the crook of the bow where I believe the wet chain and rhode drain into the "lower" bilge. Since we anchor well over a hundred times a season that is a lot of water accumulating with virtually no chance to dry out. I am going to glass over the floor of the locker and install a drain to the outside at the lowest point to stop the intrusion. I will also be getting an inspection camera and putting in an inspection port and/or a fixture to pump it out in case it happens again. Thank you one and all - I love this site - it just saved me thousands of dollars and gave me peace of mind.

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Should have noted in post 15 that the false bilg leak was in our previous boat not the NP39.

North Pacific 39
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Have water below my bilge floor. Drilled a 1/2in hole and put a 1/2in copper tube as far as it would go. Sealed around tube and wetvaced the water out .sealed all screw holes in bilge and have not had any more water.
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Many newer boats have a hull molded on the outside just like anything else, but also have an inner liner that is molded on the inside. The two are squashed together with plexus, but this leaves a void space between the two.

You can always tell a boat with an inner liner: the bilge surfaces are perfectly shiny and molded. That means there is a void between that and the hull.

Find the lowest area of the bilge and cut an access. May have to do more than one. Consult with builder for advice. And don't cut too deep.
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Our boat appears to have a keel cavity with a small plug under the shaft, behind the transmission. I dropped a hose down and pumped out a few cups of water last fall when I winterized. Its probably 2-3 feet deep. How much effect would water ballast have on the boats stability ? Would I loose waterline if the ballast is the same weight as the water outside the hull??
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Hi guys
One real useful tool I've used for these situations is a ultrasonic leak detector. You can by a marine one for about$900 or a cheapo car one for $60. You place the ultrasonic generator in the void cabin, tank , area that has the leak. Take the sniffer/receiver and hunt for a radio signal (ultrasound) and that's were the ingress is. I bought a new one cheapo from the u.K. after my last commercial one got trashed in Hurricane Igor.

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