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Originally Posted by Capt.Bill11 View Post
I wouldn't equate what happen to the professional crew of the El Faro to what the captain did to the amateur crew of the Bounty.
In both cases the company mandates 'on time' arrivals. I know from past employees of the caribbean container trade that jamming 5 pounds of crap into a 3 pound bag is the norm. The HMS Bounty was on a schedule to arrive in St Pete on a certain day. Walbridge (Bounty Master) tried to 'beat' a hurricane to make ETA. Same myopia. Same result. Although the bounty was in MUCH worse condition than the El Faro. (Then again, they both sunk) In both cases the Master of the vessel determined course, speed and was responsible for weather routing. Yes. Exactly the same outcome. In each case the Hurricane path was laid out for days. The hurricanes each followed almost the exact track (within 100 miles or so) and went eventually in the direction. In both cases both masters took their vessels directly INTO the paths of hurricanes.
The crew condition (amateur versus professional) is irrelevant. A Master has an obligation not just to company, but to vessel, crew and cargo. As I stated earlier. I personally know of many (about 5) other Masters who went weatherbound a day or so ahead, until AFTER the hurricane went north in MUCH newer vessels from Tampa to Miami. Even the other post showing a competitor vessel taking the alternate route is telling.

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